Guide to Sewing Machine Kits


Once you are done with purchasing a sewing machine, the next step is to have the necessary sewing tools required to make your overall workflow fluent and seamless. Sewing kits are the perfect accessory to make this possible as they contain everyday essentials such as scissors, pincushions, needles, and a tape measure, … Read more

Sewing Storage Systems


Learning to sew is no doubt an exciting experience but storing and organizing your sewing tools can become messy and complicated. Since you will be dealing with several sewing accessories that will vary in size, you will need to be careful about storing them in the right place where you can remember … Read more

What Are Sewing Notions?

What Are Sewing Notions

Sewing Notion refers to the small and basic sewing accessories that come into use throughout  your sewing project. Sewing notions encapsulate a wide variety of materials such as needles, threads, pins, pressing tools, and the list goes on. These sewing notions make your job easier and allow you to provide a professional … Read more

Most Popular Stitches of Singer Sewing Machines


One of the best examples of machines taking off the workload from humans and making our lives easier is the sewing machine. Sewing machines make hundreds of different types of projects easier, and with a brand name, as established and recognized as Singer, you are bound to become a loyal customer as … Read more

History of Sewing Machines Made In the US


Sewing is an art of attaching or hooking objects with the help of stitches made with thread and needle. Sewing arose in the Paleolithic era and is the oldest textile art. A Brief History of Sewing Archaeologists presume that before the invention of weaving fabric or spinning yarn, people of Stone Age … Read more

Guide to Using Patches in Sewing


There are a lot of reasons why you might want or need to sew patches on pieces of clothing. One of the main reasons, especially for young ones on why they want patches on their clothes is because it is very cool and adds glam to their fashion styles. Other times, sewing … Read more

Guide to Fabric Cutting Tools

Guide to Fabric Cutting Tools

There was a time when only scissors were used for creating quilts, curtains, designer clothes or projects related to embroidery. Whether you are someone who prefers homemaking projects or wants to do things on a larger stage, all the mentioned fabric cutting tools and machines make perfect sense especially for those who … Read more

Sewing Marking Material Guide

Sewing Marking Material Guide

When it comes to pattern tracing or transferring markings to fabric, there are simply too many choices. The art of sewing is primarily dependent on precision. It is imperative to have the right tools with you such as water-soluble pens and ceramic lead pens etc. Different fabrics require different tools for marking. … Read more

Easy Sewing Ideas for Kids


Sewing is a very useful skill that you can use throughout your life. It can be used to mend some rip in your pants, to sew the button on your shirt, or even to make a quilt for a baby. Also, you can learn easy sewing ideas for summers. Your kids can … Read more

Best Singer Sewing Machines

Best Singer Sewing Machines

The Singer Company is an American manufacturer of domestic sewing machines that is based in La Vergne, Tennessee. In 1851, it was established as I.M. Singer & Co. by Isaac Merritt Singer. In 1865, it was renamed Singer Manufacturing Company. Then in 1963, its name was changed to The Singer Company. It … Read more

Best Bernina Sewing Machines

Best Bernina Sewing Machines

Bernina is an international company that manufactures sewing and embroidery machines. It was founded in Steckborn, Switzerland, in 1893, and through the years, it has excelled in the sewing world when it comes to manufacturing machines for domestic use. Bernina is one of the top sewing machine brands in the world that … Read more

Best Juki Sewing Machines

Best Juki Sewing Machines

Juki is a topnotch company in Japan that manufactures sewing machines. The company started with its production in 1938and eventually made a name for itself. It is one of the best sewing machine brands on the market because it produces sewing machines with quality, durability, and reliability. In fact, it is the … Read more