Finding Unusual Sized Batteries


Batteries are significant in our life because we use them to power different electronic devices. There are many different kinds and sizes of batteries out there. However, there are gadgets and electronic devices that do not take regular batteries or those that can be bought easily anywhere. Some of the things that … Read more

Batteries that Resist Leaking and Corrosion


It is quite distressing to open up a long unused item to put in new batteries to use it again only to find the battery compartment full of corrosion or battery leakage. Cleaning up the item is sometimes impossible, but always difficult. It is possible to avoid this situation, however. One way … Read more

Rechargeable Batteries


Batteries are the power source of choice for many items used in survival situations because electrical power from other sources may not be available. However, regular alkaline batteries have a limited life. Once their power has been depleted, they must be thrown away and new batteries obtained. Rechargeable batteries solve this problem. … Read more

Homemade Battery Packs


Battery packs are sets of batteries arranged in a pack – which can mean parallel, in series, or both – that are used to deliver a certain output. These can range from a small pack of two or three for a flashlight or similar small item to a large set that soaks … Read more

How to Use Batteries to Charge a Cell Phone


Nearly everyone in the United States today and many around the world has a cell phone.These mobile devices offer connection, both in being able to speak to others via phone calls and in messaging or using social media. This makes them an important part of the life of most people who own … Read more

Guide to the Best Rechargeable Batteries


There are two primary types of batteries – primary and secondary. Primary batteries are also known as the non-rechargeable batteries and are the typical battery you buy in the local store. Primary batteries are typically made up of Alkaline, Lithium Cells, Silver Oxide Cells, Zinc Air Cells among other components. Secondary batteries … Read more

Energizer or Duracell: Which Rechargeable Battery is better?

pack of rechargeable batteries

With all the environmental changes currently taking place or looming around to affect us in the foreseeable future, it is best to make choices that leave less carbon footprint. Using rechargeable batteries is one of such choices. Whether it is a game controller or a kids’ toy, we use batteries more often … Read more

Best Dual Battery Chargers

a small battery charger

It is safe to say that rechargeable batteries have become more popular than regular batteries, as they offer a cheaper way for you to get power for your devices. Now, they aren’t exactly cheaper than regular batteries, but you don’t need to buy another expensive set of batteries since you can just … Read more