All About Generators

All About Generators

Power tools need, well, electric power to get them running and help you in doing your building and carpentry tasks. But what if you experience power outage and you’re in the middle of assembling your furniture or of a big house remodeling project? Nothing can be more annoying and perplexing than that. … Read more

Top 10 Best Portable Power Generators


Anyone who has experienced a power shortage at a most inconvenient time would certainly appreciate the value of having a portable generator. From houses to workspaces to campsites, the constant flow of electricity is needed to ensure efficiency and productivity. A portable generator can come in handy to provide extra electricity in … Read more

Top 10 Quiet Portable Power Generators


Most people who feel stuck and bored when they are unable to use electricity during a power outage might have said, “I wish we have a generator.” But there’s just one big problem with them: they’re noisy! A lot of generators can produce annoying sounds that can upset your neighbors and ruin … Read more

Pedal Power Generators Review


Power banks are the common go-to power source when traveling with a smartphone or any gadget. But when it runs out and you’re staying for days or weeks on a place past the edge of civilization, a power bank may not be enough. Lower tech power solutions like a hand crank chargers … Read more

Best Oils for Generators


Like all the other motor-driven machines, generators also need proper maintenance. This keeps their performance at par. If it is a home use generator or a commercial use generator, you will have to change the oil of the generator. You should maintain a healthy level of oil to get the best out … Read more