Most Popular Stitches of Singer Sewing Machines

One of the best examples of machines taking off the workload from humans and making our lives easier is the sewing machine. Sewing machines make hundreds of different types of projects easier, and with a brand name, as established and recognized as Singer, you are bound to become a loyal customer as they have everything for everyone.

If you are a beginner and do not know anything about stitching except hemming, Singer sewing machines are there for you with their beginner’s range. If you plan on horning your skills by sewing for the whole household or cute little outfits for your pet, Singer is there for you with its more advanced range.

What do Singer Sewing Machines Offer?

One of the most commendable features of a Singer sewing machine is the vast range of stitches it offers. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, for instance, is a computerized sewing machine that offers over 600 built-in stitches.

So, with the promise of quality, Singer sewing machines offer the best of the best. From the built-in stitches to the automatic threader and from presser feet to the LED light for more focused stitches, you can always rely on the Singer sewing machines for every kind of work.

Most Popular Stitches of a Singer Sewing Machine

1. Straight Stitch

Every Singer sewing machine comes with this built-in stitch. A straight stitch is a basic one that is mostly used for joining two pieces of cloth together. It is also utilized in reverse for securing the ends of the two joined pieces.

There are various applications of this type of stitch. By lining up the edges of the two fabrics you need to sew together, you can adjust the needle and do a straight stitch leaving a little room on the side. This is called stitching a seam. You can also use a straight stitch for topstitching. As the name suggests, this stitch is done on the front side of the garment.

2. Zigzag Stitch

This is one of the most versatile stitches that the Singer sewing machines offer. It is mostly used for finishing purposes. Also, a zigzag stitch is used for applique, bar tack, and satin stitching. This type of stitch is popular for giving the seams a finished look. It also prevents the hemmed fabric from revealing its raw edges.

Do you have a pair of cute little bunny ears to attach to your little one’s onesie? The zigzag stitch always comes to the rescue. It is used to do a satin stitch to attach the applique to the cloth. This is quite an extensive stitch, and mastering applique using this stitch might take some time for the beginners to practice.

3. Multi-Stitch Zigzag


This type of stitch has an important function of preventing seams from breaking open and revealing the uneven edges of the fabric. Apart from this function, the multi-stitch zigzag is also used for putting elastic insertions in place.

If you have ripped your favorite pair of jeans, then Singer’s multi-stitch zigzag stitch can come to the rescue. With three stitches to put together the ripped pieces of cloth securely in place, this type of stitch is very useful. Another of the very beneficial use of multi-stitch is to create decorative patterns, as illustrated in the picture below.

4. Blind Hem Stitch

Numerous models of Singer Sewing machines offer this type of built-in stitch. The popularity of this stitch is mostly attributed to its invisibility in hems which makes it perfect for hemming skirts, trousers, curtains, and dresses. According to the guides provided by the company, the blind hem stitch is mostly suitable for sewing woven fabrics.

Moreover, this stitch also has varied applications, including appliques. What could be better than attaching an applique and making the sewing lines disappear? This blind hem is perfect for beautiful appliques.

5. Picot Hem Stitch

This scalloped hem looks stunning on jersey knits. It is perfect for decorative stitching. You can stitch this type using various threads, such as rayon, metallic, or an all-purpose one.

6. Honeycomb Stitch

Widely popular for creating stellar decorative pieces of garments, the honeycomb stitch is also utilized for smocking and sewing of elastic. The insertion of elastic using a honeycomb stitch is highly recommended for keeping the elastic and the garment in place. While sewing, this stitch helps stabilize the elastic.

7. Feather Stitch

Combined with numerous other types of stitches, the built-in feather stitch in the singer machine is widely used for decorative purposes. Most of the models of Singer sewing machines also come with a stabilizer to keep the cloth in place while stitching.

8. Vine Stitch

Vine stitch looks like two pretty leaves attached to the stem. This is one of the most popular stitches that Singer sewing machines offer. Whether it is an embroidery project you are working upon or an everyday cloth, the vine stitch is perfect for everything. It elevates the style and overall look of the cloth.

9. Scallop Stitch

Widely used for creating various embellishments, you can use the scallop stitch alone or with other decorative stitches offered by the Singer sewing machines. This type will help add style to your projects. If you cut off the edges in shape after hemming the corners with this decorative stitch, the finished look will give off a professional touch to your dress. You can use this stitch for hemming skirts and dresses.

Following is the picture of its finished look.


10. Bridging Stitch

This popular stitch is mostly used in a single row to create the most stunning pieces of embellishments. Stitch it right above the hemline to create unique, stylish patterns on your garments. Also, this decorative stitch is used for joining two pieces of fabric together, giving off a stylish look.

Best Guides for Horning your Sewing Skills

Whether you are new to this art or a professional in creating amazing pieces of garments, there is always room for learning. The following two sewing guides are the best for mastering this art.

Where to Buy
Singer: The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing, 3rd Edition Paperback – Illustrated, November 21, 2017
The Sewing Book: Over 300 Step-by-Step Techniques Hardcover – March 6, 2018

1. Singer: The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing, 3rd Edition

This is one of the finest guides that ever existed for learning everything about sewing and specifically about the Singer sewing machine. It is a photo guide which means it has hundreds of illustrations, drawings, and pictures that can help you learn about the machine and getting the most out of it.

Moreover, it describes the various types of built-in stitches that the Singer sewing machines offer while also aptly explaining their applications. If you are a novice at sewing, then this book can help give you a good understanding of sewing and the Singer machines.

2. The Sewing Book: Over 300 Step-by-Step Techniques

Penned down by Alison Smith, this sewing book is an incredible learning source for people enthusiastic about sewing. It teaches and guides you thoroughly about learning to sew almost everything – including cute little children’s clothes, home décor projects, and dresses.

It has several chapters on how to master the techniques of tucking, hemming, mending, and darting. The most interesting thing about this book is that it has 15 different projects that you can challenge yourself with. Mastering these projects make you learn a lot about various stitches, their applications, and completing a whole project by yourself.

Final Words

No art is difficult – it just requires aptitude towards learning, and the absolute will to master the art. Once you have the motivation in you, you can find yourself working towards broadening the horizon of your knowledge more and more. Singer Corporation has been a consistent and reliable name in the sewing machine industry. It has tons of models that suit the needs of everyone – whether they are a novice or a pro.