Choosing a Flight Attendant School

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A Flight Attendant is a specialized, lucrative position that will always be in demand and many people who love to travel and want to do so while making good money are looking for a flight attendant school. While all flight attendants must become certified by the FAA, and all airlines require flight … Read more

Choosing a Commercial Flight School


In order to fly any type of aircraft, you must first attend an FAA accredited commercial flight school. These schools will offer classes in everything from Private and Commercial pilot training to Flight Instructor or Glass Cockpit Training courses. There are different levels of expertise and training involved with progressive exams, certifications … Read more

Choosing an ATP Flight School

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If you have decided to become a commercial airline pilot and join one of the top-paying professions in the United States, you will need to find a good Airline Transport Pilot or ATP flight school. When seeking an ATP flight school, you need to compare pricing, locations and housing, and make sure … Read more

Airplane Mechanic Jobs

Airplane Mechanic Jobs

More and more people are looking into the exciting career of a airplane mechanic jobs. An airplane mechanic can actually branch out into many different areas such as a medical equipment technician, auto mechanics and even a mechanical inspector. There is a great need for people in all of these fields and … Read more

Aviation Careers and You

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If you have never considered aviation careers, maybe it is time that you started. Do you love to speed? Do you find yourself paying speeding tickets and attending driver’s school more than you care to admit? Do you like to travel? If any of these questions are answered with a hearty ‘YES,’ … Read more