Best Educational Robot Kits


The best robot kits not only provide fun but they also give an educational experience for users of all ages. For those who want to get involved in the STEM education, robot kits make for an excellent first step. It will provide an enriching experience for the user and will develop their … Read more

Ideas for Robot Kits for Teens and Adults


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Best Low Cost 3D Printers


3D printers are a powerful device to use when making models, prototypes, or other objects that you’d like to create easily. However, 3D printers can be very expensive, especially a decade ago when an average one costs more than a hundred thousand dollars. But today, since it first became available for home … Read more

Best Arduino Robot Kits


You’ll be hard-pressed to find better ways to teach yourself programming than learning from a hands-on real-life experience, where you can see the manifestation of the code you write in real-time. How is that possible, you ask? By assembling a robot and then programming it yourself. What do I mean by assembling? … Read more

Introduction and Guide to Table Tennis Robots


If you have found out that you have skills in table tennis and you have a huge interest in the game, you might have already bought your own table tennis rackets, balls, and even a table.  You know that practicing makes perfect, but not all people are blessed with a practice buddy … Read more

Introduction and Guide to Window Cleaning Robots


With your busy schedule, you might have no time anymore to clean your house thoroughly, let alone your windows. When most of us come back home from work exhausted, we only want to spend our free time with our kids and partners. Who will do the house work for us? Hiring a … Read more

Introduction and Guide to Telepresence Robots


Have you ever needed to be in two places at once? Or do you need to attend a conference meeting thousands of miles away but you’re physically unable to in the present? Well, good thing we are now in the age where advancements in robotics and modern engineering can make it possible. … Read more

Robot Gift Ideas for the Holidays


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The Guide to Star Wars Robots You Can Own


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Amazing Robots You Can Buy Right Now for Adults


While toy stores are usually filled with robots made for kids, there is a niche market that caters to the adults who want to be creative in building or controlling robots at home. These robot kits made for adults are usually more complicated to construct than almost all toy robots, which makes … Read more

Amazing Robots You Can Buy Right Now for Kids


  The robot is arguably one of the best toys that you can give to kids, as it allows them to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and it can also serve as a playing companion whenever their friends are not around. There may probably be thousands of toy robots available … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Famous Movie Robots


Humans and pets are not the only ones that are popular in the film industry, as we also have both real-life and animated robots that appeared in some of the best movies in history. When you think about movie robots, there are probably a few “droids” or “mechs” that will immediately come … Read more