Guide to Survival Shovels


When survivalists think about essential tools, they probably think of hatchets, headlamps, and knives. But shovels can be just as handy. Opening up a route through an icy pathway, digging a sanitation hole, creating an escape route by digging under a fence, or simply clearing and preparing an area for use can … Read more

Emergency Tools to Have Before SHTF


Preparing for doomsday might sound intimidating for some people, but being prepared before SHTF is actually a great idea. It’s not that you are expecting a calamity or an emergency to happen. It’s just simply making sure that you know what to do, and you have all the right things needed if … Read more

Tactical Multi-Tools


Being prepared in case of an emergency is important. Remembering that one may have very limited space is also important. If one needs to evacuate or is put into a survival situation, it may be necessary to limit what is carried along. In a case like that, a multi-tool is an excellent … Read more

Best Axes for Survival


An ax is a primitive tool essential for survival in wooded areas. With an axe, you can chop wood, start fires, construct shelter, and even defend yourself. But if you look for survival axes in online stores, you might be overwhelmed by the multitude of results. Some axes are even part of … Read more

Important Power Tools for Use in Off Grid and Prepping

Milwaukee 272021 M18 Fuel Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit

Tools are essential in off-grid living. There are many hand tools that can help you survive, but there are also powerful tools that you will need. Relying on hand tools seem so rugged and butch, but it’s just not practical. How are you going to build and continue to maintain your home … Read more