Basics on Weather Forecasting

Basics on Weather Forecasting

When a disaster or a catastrophe happens, one of the things that is likely to happen Is a loss of internet and news availability. Because of this, it can be useful to know the basics of determining what the weather will be like in coming days. Things can change so quickly during … Read more

Your Go-to Guide to Buying a Personal Weather Station


A number of different lines of work hinge on accurate weather forecasting. Gardening, golfing, sailing, flying, travel, research or generally any job (or perhaps even a hobby, if you’re a weather geek) that requires access to information like wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, humidity, immediate local temperature firmly fall into that category. … Read more

What Is A Humidity Gauge And How To Use It?


Air that’s too humid or too dry will make you feel uncomfortable and can even ruin your plans for the day. Humidity alters your perception of a given temperature – more humidity makes you feel warmer and lower humidity makes you feel cooler, even though the temperature’s the same. But before going … Read more

Guide to Indoor Thermometers and Top Picks


You’d think installing an indoor thermometer inside your home is just another waste of cash. But, indoor thermometers are just as crucial as your air conditioning unit. Thermometers are essential tools to help you work around your house’s temperature by simply knowing how hot or cold the day is. Homeowners gain lots … Read more