How To Clean and Purify Your Water for Survival or Off Grid Living


Finding water while living off the grid may be a difficult task but an equal challenge is getting that water to acceptable drinking standards. To do this, you will need to utilize a purification system. Though there are various ways to clean drinking water, here are a few different ways we’ve listed below to purify your drinking water in any situation.

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Survival Food – A Starter’s List of Must-have Survival Food Items


The best of your savings and investments need not be in banks and stock markets, a roller coaster of an economy, war and terror, natural disasters and climate change have all necessitated the formulation of a backup plan to endure and survive unprecedented emergencies. We, as human beings are all programmed to hope for the best but it certainly does not hurt to prepare for the worst.  After all, both are survival techniques in their own way.

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Guide to Bucket Gardening for Urban Prepping and Survival


If you live in an urban area, it’s common to rely on your local farmer’s market or grocery for fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables. However, if some disaster happens to strike your city, you may be advised to stay home. Most people stock on goods with an extended expiration date, which … Read more

Alternative Sources of Water in an Urban Setting


Surely, water is a critical supply you and your household needs to survive. More than food, water is required if you’re going to survive. Many events can cause a sudden disruption of safe drinking water. Since water is a basic necessity to survive, have you thought about how you can obtain safe … Read more

How Many Calories a Day Are Needed to Survive?


Food is a requirement of life. People can live for a time without food, but there comes a point where the body requires fuel to continue. However, there is not a single number that can be put forth that is the exact amount needed. The FDA recommends 2200, but that is based … Read more

Forage for These Plants


Everyone needs to eat. Most people have become very accustomed to popping into the grocery store and filling a shopping cart, or getting fresh food from a farmer’s market, or grabbing fast food. If a disaster strikes, though, food may not be that easy to obtain. Growing food is a good plan, … Read more

Simple Survival Food

Simple Survival Food

Humans need food to live, and in a situation where one is just trying to survive, simple food is desirable. Most people would prefer to have foods that are flavorful as well as simple and some of these can be found below. Having emergency food is a great plan, but if it … Read more

Plants in Your Yard That You May Be Able to Eat

Plants in Your Yard That You May Be Able to Eat

Food is one of the most important things a person needs in order to survive in any situation. In cases where one is unable to earn income for one reason or another, knowing what foods are available at no cost can keep a person – or even a family – alive until … Read more

Ways to Make Coffee Without Electricity


Coffee is a staple in many households. People use it to wake up, enjoy it as an early-morning breakfast drink, or just warm up with it. For many people, the morning is not complete without a strong cup of coffee. Most of these people have a coffee maker of some sort – … Read more

Tips on Keeping Your Prepper Pantry Updated

Tips on Keeping Your Prepper Pantry Updated

Emergencies could come without knocking on your door and you will be struck with a surprise. It is always better to prepare for these emergencies before they occur so that you can easily survive unless help reaches you. With emergency kits as well as a prepper pantry, emergencies become easier to handle. … Read more

Where to Get Off-Grid Cooking Supplies

Where to Get Off-Grid Cooking Supplies

Living off grid is a great goal for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and for those who prefer to be self-sufficient. It comes with challenges, of course, including finding a good location, getting set up, and acquiring supplies. While many people who live off grid eat a quantity of … Read more

How to Make a Small Water Filtration Plant

When you find yourself stuck in an emergency situation, water becomes one of your top priorities. Humans can only survive 3 days without water on average. However, finding water isn’t the issue. There are swamps, lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, and ponds all around the world. The challenging part is locating water that’s … Read more