Guide to Building Your Own Drone with a Drone Kit

Man constructing a drone

With technology advancing rapidly, everything once considered unique is starting to become available to the general public, and drones are no exception. Using drone kits, you can construct your very own drone, which was something only engineers could think of doing in the recent past.  This guide includes the crucial needed to … Read more

Guide To 3D Printers

an image of a black 3D printer

We currently live in a golden age of 3D printing as you don’t have to be an engineer or a scientist to make your own 3D model. For home users, 3D printers make sense when you have to print customized objects that you cannot find anywhere else. Users can get started in … Read more

The Guide to the Major Drone Brands

A drone flies in the air

Drones have become very popular in recent years because they are useful in many ways and can be used in many different situations. There are many different kinds of drones on the market, from consumer drones to professional drones. To help you choose the best drone for you, we will explore some … Read more

Guide to Drone Racing

A drone’s remote controller

Drone racing is an exciting and rapidly rising sport that is garnering worldwide recognition. It is an exciting experience to pilot high-speed drones over difficult obstacle courses. This article will introduce you to the fundamentals of drone racing, including the equipment you’ll need, the abilities you’ll need to acquire, and different racing … Read more

What Types of Telescopes Are Best For Travel and Backpacking? 

traveler observing the stars with her telescope

Telescopes are a great way to enjoy the night skies from the comfort of home. But if you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore, a portable telescope might be the perfect tool to take your hobby along with you. A travel telescope is lightweight and portable, yet still capable of giving … Read more

Guide to using drones when fishing, hunting and hiking

A drone flying in the air

Drones have become immensely popular in the last decade and are being used in many industries for a variety of reasons. In addition to being a favorite of many hobbyists and use in different industries and public services, drones are also very helpful in hunting, fishing, and hiking. Their main benefit is … Read more

Guide to Power Generators


Powered items need, well, power to get them running and help you in whatever tasks you’re doing, whether you’re building a piece of furniture, mixing a cake batter, or using your laptop for your project. Not to mention keeping refrigerators and freezers running, etc.  But what if you experience a power outage … Read more

The Guide to Carson Telescopes

girl looking at the stars

Purchasing a telescope is the key first step toward an appreciation for the galaxy (and the wonders present within it). Ideally, you want to buy this optical instrument from a renowned brand—one that helps its customers star-hop into their intended deep-sky target. There are plenty of popular telescope brands in existence. Thanks … Read more

The Guide to TwinStar Telescopes

The Guide to TwinStar Telescopes

Astronomy is a science of wonder. The skies above are a constant source of amazing sights and endless potential. This is why we as a species have always found ourselves drawn toward it. Since ancient civilizations, humans have developed greater and greater means of observing the stars.  Today, astronomy has become so … Read more

The Guide to Sky-watcher Telescopes

father and son using a telescope

When it comes to watching the night sky, any astronomer worth their salt will know the best kit to buy. For those that are just starting, it can be much more challenging. So many brands and companies out there create great high-end, low-cost telescopes and accessories. It can be hard to know … Read more

Guide to Solar Power Generators

mobile solar generator

Every one of us may have found ourselves in a situation where a power generator would be beneficial. But most generators need a specific energy input to burn to convert to electricity, such as gasoline, kerosene, or firewood. Even if you pick the most portable gas generator, you’ll still need to bring … Read more

The Guide to Celestron Telescopes

The Guide to Celestron Telescopes

If you have ever considered stepping into the wide world of astronomy, you’ll want to know where to start. The market for telescopes is wide and deep, with many great companies providing state-of-the-art commercial equipment to get you going.  Amongst those companies, you may have heard of one named Celestron. About Celestron … Read more