Ultimate Guide to Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is a challenging adventure activity that most photographers don’t consider doing. But those that do are rewarded with an amazing experience and unbeatable photos. However, underwater photography has an entirely different set of challenges than regular photography (think shiny fisheye lens effects, strobes not working as they should, etc.). In … Read more

Top 10 Waterproof Cameras


Planning a holiday at sandy beaches, lakes in green valleys or in dense mountain ranges is a wonderful way of refreshing your mind and capturing good memories. What if your ordinary equipment leaves you on the very time when you want to capture the joyous moments of your holidays? Technology has revolutionized … Read more

Top 5 Waterproof Point and Shoot Cameras


If you’re in the market for a smaller, compact, and high quality point and shoot camera which is waterproof, then this review is definitely for you. Point and shoot cameras are the most prevalent of all types on the market as they offer the perfect balance of budget, portability, and quality. When … Read more