Best Light Boxes for Product Photography


If you are interested in product photography or run an online store to sell your products, a light box tent comes in handy because you can have both a backdrop and good spread of lighting at the same time. It dramatically reduces your time-consuming, retouching work in Photoshop. Also, your product photos … Read more

Are Strobes Needed for Outdoor Photography?

Are Strobes Needed for Outdoor Photography

Photographing your subject in outdoor settings leads you to a door opening to a whole new world of story-telling. A cloudy day with soft sunlight will produce portraits with a more natural and rounded look; while, the golden light just before sunset makes the colors in your subject pop out and gives … Read more

Using LED Spotlights for Photography

Guide to Budget Lighting Equipment and Our Top Picks

If you change the light bulbs at your home, you probably would have noticed the gradual but massive influx of LED -light-emitting diodes- light bulbs in utility stores over the past few years. The introduction of LED lights has quite literally taken the lighting world by a whirl land, almost replacing incandescent … Read more

Guide to Budget Lighting Equipment and Our Top Picks

Guide to Budget Lighting Equipment and Our Top Picks

Introduction Good lighting plays a pivotal role in photography, which becomes even more important if you are trying to sell customers what they cannot experience physically yet. Photography equipment can be expensive and although there are cost-effective alternatives for almost everything, there are certain things you need to consider before buying. This … Read more

Choosing LED Lights for Photography

Choosing LED Lights for Photography

Photography has been very popular in the last decade. It has now been adopted and accepted as a full-time earning profession, and the competition in this field is unmatchable. The best photography is one that not only satisfies the customers but is also considered a masterpiece on its own. Do you want … Read more

Finding the Right Portable LED Panel for Photography

Finding the Right Portable LED Panel for Photography

LED Panels are a constant source of bright light. They are great for capturing high-quality photos and recording high-quality videos by adding dynamic effects and illuminating the darker area, making your face or the object appear more luminous. Most LED panels out there allow you to quickly, efficiently and affordably transform the … Read more

Best Ring Lights for Photography


Ring lights have been leading the photography game for quite some time and are a favorite among macro photographers. They are also popular for categories such as selfies, makeup, vlogging, and more. The best thing about ring lights is that they offer beautiful and even spread of lighting. Some of the ring … Read more

Absolute Must-Have LED Lights for Mobile Photography

a woman sitting in front of a ring light

In the past, people used to judge mobile phones by their sound quality. Nowadays, people consider it by its camera quality. The familiar old sentence, “Can you hear me now?” has now been replaced with “How many lenses does your phone have?” or “How great does your phone capture pictures?” With the … Read more

Best Camera Flash Light Diffusers

Flashes are a great way to make your photos look great and illuminate the scene, but they need a little assistance to work great and shine. Add a flash light diffuser to your camera flash, and it will modify light by spreading or softening the harsh, concentrated light – this will help … Read more

Best Strobe Lights for Studio Photography

A studio setup

While natural lighting produces the best photos of all, you cannot always have the option of shooting during the daytime. It is the responsibility of the photographer to bring out the best in all his photos – whether they are portraits or commercial food photography. One of the best companions of a … Read more

Top Portable Battery Powered Flashes for Outdoors

Top Portable Battery Powered Flashes for Outdoors

Professional photographers know how important and crucial lighting is for photography. It can either make your photo look best or worst. Sometimes natural light isn’t enough to do outdoor photography, but thankfully we have lighting kits to fill in the gap. There are different types of lighting kits, but in this article, … Read more

8 Best Portable LED Lights for Photography


Light is a critical element when it comes to creating professional looking video content regardless of the fact whether you are making a documentary, feature film or a YouTube video. There are numerous kinds of Portable LEDs available in the market from which you can choose the appropriate one according to your … Read more