Easy Sewing Ideas for Kids

Sewing is a very useful skill that you can use throughout your life. It can be used to mend some rip in your pants, to sew the button on your shirt, or even to make a quilt for a baby. Also, you can learn easy sewing ideas for summers. Your kids can choose a sewing project every week and by the end of the summers, they will be having lots of handmade gifts. They can give it to their friends at different events. 

You can help them with their sewing ideas or projects. In the beginning, it would be a difficult task for them, but in a certain period, they will learn it on their own. Your kids will love the sewing ideas. 

Easy Sewing Ideas for Kids

There are plenty of sewing ideas and patterns that you can use for your kids. It is nice to sew something for your use at home or workplace. 

Portable First-Aid Kit


As a mom, you worry about your kids every time. For this purpose, you can sew an easy first-aid kit for your kids. Especially when they go out to play. 

Cut 1 outer piece, pocket piece, and 2 pieces of ribbon. On the main fabric, put the pocket piece and sew it. Similarly, divide the pockets as you did for the ironing board organizer. The design of the kit would be like a clutch that you can hold in a hand. The pockets can carry certain first-aid supplies such as alcohol wipes, band-aids, Chapstick, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, a lollipop, gauze squares, etc. 

Zipper Pencil Pouch


Your kids use a zipper pencil pouch to keep their pencils, erasers, pens, scales, etc. organized. You can use a color or style of fabric according to your personality or preference. 

Cut 2 pieces of 8 x 3.25” and 2 pieces for 8 x 2.251”. They will be used for the upper, lower, and outside the pouch. Cut 2 pieces of 8 x 5” for the lining of the pouch. Place the outside upper panel pieces and the outside lower pale pieces over one another and pin them. Now stitch along the edge using a ¼” seam allowance. 

The topstitch 1/8” above and below the seam is polished for a better look. Place the inside lining pieces face up and align the long edges with the zipper. Sew the zip with the fabric and your pencil pouch will be ready. You can add extra decorations according to your requirements. 

Simple Pants


Simple pants are one of the easier and basic sewing ideas for your kids. You have to cut out only one pattern of the fabric or cloth and very simple seams to sew. The fitting of the pants is loose and comfortable depending on the fabric you are using. 

Cut down the parts together in a pattern and fold along the grainline on the right side. Now cut it into the pants shape. Stitch the curved edge. You don’t want to pivot and stitch down the legs. Now open up the pants with the seams in front and back. Stitch the legs of the pants up one side and down the other side.

Do not pivot at the crotch. Sew the elastic casing on the top edge. It will give your kid an easy fit with elastic casing. 

DIY Fabric Phone Charging Station



Having a cellphone and its need to charge it over and over requires a safe place to charge it. Fabric Phone Charging Station is perfect and you can get your kids to do it for you. 

Place the fusible fleece-lined back main body piece on top of the front main body/pocket. Line up the raw edges and pin them. Use a washable ink marker to make a mark ½” above the top edge of the pocket. Make another mark above the first mark. Sew around the perimeter of the beginning, and ending, and piece to leave an opening for turning. The top curve of the piece and cut the seam to 1/8 “, leaving the raw portion of the seam untrimmed.

Now, gently turn the piece to the right side through the opening and use a screwdriver or skewer to make sure that the seam is completely turned. The stiffness of the Peltex liner can make this a little tricky, but it can be done. Also, if you notice that the Peltex part seems to be a bit wrinkled after the rotation, don’t worry, it will be fixed

Drawstring Fabric Gift Bag


You can present the gifts making them special from outside and from inside too. It will add extra panache to your holiday gift-wrapping. 

Fold the fabric piece in half-width. Align each other with short ends. Pin the fabric together and mark 5 inches short edge on the long sides. Give 1/4” seam allowance and stitch in a zig-zag stitch. Flip the bag over and repeat it on the side too. pack it in the shape of a bag and stitch it at the opening. At the top, you can sew the ribbon, making it fancier. 

Pattern Weights


You can use your favorite kicky fabrics to make your set of pattern weights. Your kids will love to stitch the pattern weights that they can use later for different activities while drawing and doing their homework.  

You need to cut 2 3.5” fabric squares for each pattern weight. For 6 finished weights, you will be needing 12 cut-out pieces. Place 2 cut-out pieces into a square shape and stitch around the edges with a 1/4” of the seam allowance. Leave a 1” opening at the center bottom. Now use a washable ink marker and draw a 1” square at the center of the stitched piece. Stitch around the drawn square. 

Now pour BB’s into the bottom opening. It will feel around the corners with BBs. When it gets full and in shape, stitch the opening closed. You can simply use them to put weights on the top of the pattern and paper to avoid any mistake while cutting them out.

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Ironing Board Organizer


It is having pockets on each side so that you can access scissors, pens, and much more. Also, you can have a pincushion on the iron board. An ironing board organizer is a solution to all problems and it provides you the quick and easy ironing. 

Cut out the fabric according to your dimensions. Fold it in pocket shape and iron it to meet in the middle. Iron the piece in half again so that the pressed sides meet each other. For each pocket, place the two fabric pieces on the wrong sides. The fleece will be in the center. Place the large pocket at one and the smaller pocket at the other end. Sew around the sides with 1/4” seam allowance. 

You can decide on the pocket dividers at your own choice. Sew a string line down from the top and the pockets will be divided properly. For pin cushion, take two pieces together and sew around the sides with 1/2” seam allowance. Clip the corners and leave a small opening of 2”. Fill the cushion with a fiberfill and sew the opening.

For more ease, you can sew the cushion above the large pocket. It will give you a stable and easy pin cushion without moving it an inch. 

Sewing Ideas – Easy Sewing Projects for Your Kids

There are plenty of easy and quick sewing projects that you can do for your kids. A beginner can also do these sewing ideas within few minutes and with all of the products such as fabrics and sewing supplies. Some of the projects can also be done by your kids because, in childhood age, they find it fascinating to sew fabric and cloths