Guide to Building Your Own Drone with a Drone Kit

Man constructing a drone

With technology advancing rapidly, everything once considered unique is starting to become available to the general public, and drones are no exception. Using drone kits, you can construct your very own drone, which was something only engineers could think of doing in the recent past.  This guide includes the crucial needed to … Read more

Tips for Picking a Hobby Microscope

Closeup of a microscope with a specimen on it

Microscopes are essential scientific tools that are used in laboratories. Still, hobbyists can also use them to examine tiny organisms and objects. They are designed to magnify whatever you place underneath them to see their intricacies. The magic of microscopes is that they allow you to see things you cannot see with … Read more

Best Microscopes for Kids and Beginners

Closeup of a microscope

A microscope is an incredibly useful device that helps enlarge the specimen in the tray so that you can see it much more clearly. Suppose your kid is interested in science and other STEM subjects. In that case, having a microscope will allow them to satisfy their curiosity and see otherwise unreachable … Read more

Ideas for Adding Parachutes to Your Water Rocket

A red and yellow parachute attached to a model rocket in the air

Water rockets are enjoyable toys to play with, as they can be launched high in the air. When playing with them, one of the biggest issues you may have is that they are difficult to recover because once they reach their maximum height, they land fast. Their speed is especially fast when … Read more

Start launching new ideas- trying model rocketry as a hobby

Model Rocketry

Creating and firing toy rockets is known as model rocketry. Model Rocketry may come off as absurd, yet it is precisely what it seems to be: Model rocketry gets its name from the fact that a hobbyist usually constructs the rockets, much as model aircraft and other things like them. Having two … Read more

What Is a Water Balloon Launcher, and What Can You Do With It?

Multiple water balloons being thrown with a considerable force

Water balloons are incredibly fun toys that can make a sunny summer afternoon extremely fun. Although you can shoot water balloons at your friends and family using your hands, a water balloon launcher makes it even more fun and takes the game to a new level. Using a launcher, you can shoot … Read more