Kids Snorkel Set? Finding The Best Gear Available Online!

Most of the articles on my website are catered to adult divers and snorkelers looking for the best gear options, but kids love snorkeling just as much as grownups. If you’re nurturing a family of fellow snorkelers, or you’re getting ready to treat the kids to some fun activities on your next … Read more

The Best Snorkel Equipment Brands


Snorkeling is definitely one of the best ways to see the beauty of the underwater world. However, there are times that the quality of your gear or snorkel equipment gets in the way of full enjoyment, especially when you just borrowed them. This is the reason why having your own snorkel equipment … Read more

When You Love Snorkeling but Need a Prescription Snorkel Mask


Having poor eyesight has a lot of disadvantages. To be able to do things normally, glasses should always be worn, whether while reading, driving, working, or watching the movies. But aside from those, another challenging activity to do when you have poor eyesight is snorkeling. People who have poor vision usually wear … Read more

Guide to Snorkeling Vests


Who does not love going on excursions? Of course, everybody loves picnics and trips to water parks, but for some thrill-seekers out there, adventure is everything. If you are also one of the thrill-seekers who are eager to quench their adrenaline thirst, then snorkeling is your way to go!  However, the thought … Read more