What About Backpacking Axes?


Going out in the wild woods requires a detailed packing list for the survival of the adventurous. A Backpacking Axe is one of them which is essential for the safety and survival for a trip in the woods. It could come in handy for different purposes such as cutting down some food … Read more

Essential Backpacking and Hiking Accessories


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Best Watches for Backpackers


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Guide to Dressing for Backpacking in Southeast Asia


Introduction Backpackers who have to travel for days in the wild need appropriate clothing. Although light and comfortable clothes work well for most places, there are some special considerations for Southeast Asia where weather is consistently warm in most parts of the region. The type of clothing you need to pick depends … Read more

GPS/Multisport Watch Buying Guide and Our Top Picks


What is a GPS Watch? The primary purpose of a GPS watch is to locate you anywhere in the world, regardless of your activities such as running and backpacking. While activity trackers are designed to monitor and track your moves using accelerometers and other sensors, GPS watches can lock directly to satellites … Read more

Best Tents for Backpackers


If you are planning your first or next backpacking trip then you must also consider packing a top-notch tent that will make your journey more adventurous and filled with fun. A good quality tent increases your comfort, safety, and gives you a strong shelter to relax. It also needs to be easily … Read more

Best Ultralight Backpacking Gear


Ultralight backpacking is a popular type of backpacking that focuses on only carrying what is absolutely necessary for your trip without including any excess weight. A key point here is to take only lightweight gear but without compromising on safety and quality. You should opt for ultralight backpacking when you are planning … Read more

Best Water Treatment Products for Backpackers


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Top 5 Smart Backpacks for Travel


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Best Sleeping Bags for Backpackers


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Top 10 Camera Backpacks for Traveling


No matter if you are a traveler, hiker, or a photographer, if you like to take an expensive camera and gear with you, you will want a secure and easy way to carry them. Today’s camera backpacks include a number of features and compartments with extra storage. Before selecting a camera bag … Read more

Top 10 Backpacks for Hiking


Buying a hiking backpack is a long-term investment that must be carefully considered. A backpacker shouldselect a hiking backpack based on capacity, load distribution, comfort, durability and more. Being a hiker, you might be wearing this backpack for an extended period of time and in various conditions, so one must ensure that … Read more