What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit


The most important thing to have during an emergency (and in your bug out bag) is your first aid kit. Inevitably, you or someone you come across will need first aid treatment. This makes packing your first aid kit extremely important.

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Repelling Insects Naturally with Herbal and HomeMade Items


Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes, black flies and other insects always wait until your hands are full before they try to sink their “teeth” into you? Insects are a part of summer but wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t ruin every outdoor adventure.

The good news is, there are a few natural options you can employ to fight off these annoying pests.

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How To Clean and Purify Your Water for Survival or Off Grid Living


Finding water while living off the grid may be a difficult task but an equal challenge is getting that water to acceptable drinking standards. To do this, you will need to utilize a purification system. Though there are various ways to clean drinking water, here are a few different ways we’ve listed below to purify your drinking water in any situation.

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Survival Food – A Starter’s List of Must-have Survival Food Items


The best of your savings and investments need not be in banks and stock markets, a roller coaster of an economy, war and terror, natural disasters and climate change have all necessitated the formulation of a backup plan to endure and survive unprecedented emergencies. We, as human beings are all programmed to hope for the best but it certainly does not hurt to prepare for the worst.  After all, both are survival techniques in their own way.

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Top 25 SHTF Bartering Items You’ll Want to Start Stockpiling Today

We all hope that nothing catastrophic will happen in our lifetime. But we must also realize that we are just a small blip on a timespan of major events that have happened over the past centuries. And, more major events are sure to occur within our or our kid’s lifetime. The simple fact is that we all need to be ready.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than thinking about you or your family not being prepared for the worst — weather its marshall law, a catastrophic natural occurrence, EMP (electromagnetic pulse), a solar flare that could put us back to the 19th century, or another type of disaster. Many lives will be lost. Not having some preparations made means you will not have anything of value for trading with others looking to stay alive.

Do you think that shiny iPhone or fancy sports car will be worth anything if there was a major disaster caused by an EMP or natural disaster? Believe me, they won’t!

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Keeping Children Occupied After a Power Outage


When the power goes out during a storm, hurricane, or for any other reasons, parents have an additional dilemma on their hands. We usually discourage the use of screens to babysit kids in any case, but what happens when there’s simply no power for all your usual activities? It’s also important to … Read more

How to Cook in the City without Power


When there is no power, it can be hard to cook in the city, especially if you rely on electric stoves and electric appliances. Anything from an unforeseen maintenance by the power company, to hurricane and extreme cold snap to longer-term emergencies can cause you to look for other ways to feed … Read more

Guide to Bucket Gardening for Urban Prepping and Survival


If you live in an urban area, it’s common to rely on your local farmer’s market or grocery for fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables. However, if some disaster happens to strike your city, you may be advised to stay home. Most people stock on goods with an extended expiration date, which … Read more

How to Deal with Sanitation if the Power is Out


Maintaining hygiene and sanitation is an essential part of ensuring that you and your family survive in an emergency situation. Sickness and diseases can arise if you failed to keep your home clean and hygienic. And also, keeping the surroundings clean is important not just for disease control but also for keeping … Read more

Maximizing Space for Urban Prepping


If you live in an urban area, chances are your space is just right for all your things, or maybe even smaller. Prepping for a disaster is one thing that you think you don’t have space for, but the truth is, you don’t need a lot of space to become a prepper. … Read more

Planning to Navigate when the Internet is Down


In today’s world, where smartphones and the Internet are a daily part of our lives, navigation is something that most people don’t have to think about daily. Most people who live in a big city know the areas around their home, school, work, grocery store, pharmacy, hospital, and all the essential places. … Read more

Alternative Sources of Water in an Urban Setting


Surely, water is a critical supply you and your household needs to survive. More than food, water is required if you’re going to survive. Many events can cause a sudden disruption of safe drinking water. Since water is a basic necessity to survive, have you thought about how you can obtain safe … Read more