Optimizing Composite Materials in Model Airplane Construction


How to Choose the Right Composite Material Composites are widely employed as they combine the benefits of many materials, such as high strength, low weight, and corrosion resistance, composites are frequently employed. The correct materials for a composite construction must be chosen, though, and this is not an easy process. The design … Read more

The Evolution of Model Airplanes

a small-scale model of a red airplane

Out of all the hobby models, model airplanes are among the most popular sets put together. The concept behind their appeal is straightforward: you begin with a set of parts and end up with a mini replica of your favorite modern-day flying machines. Whether it’s passenger planes, military jets, or even spacecraft, … Read more

Flight and Soaring Simulation Games that Can Be Quite Realistic

flight simulator controller

Flight simulators are arguably some of the most popular video games today, as they usually offer something different from players compared to other popular genres like adventure, role-playing, fighting, and platforming. In flight simulators, you will be able to feel like you are actually flying a plane, which will be made possible … Read more

The Guide to Paper Airplane Kits

The Guide to Paper Airplane Kits

Being a kid, we made several easy paper airplanes hoping for them to fly for a while longer than the previous ones. When we were in luck, our paper airplanes flew through the window of our neighbors making a perfect landing on the floor. Fast forward to the technological era in which … Read more

VR Games That Let You Feel Like You’re Flying

flight simulation

There are so many flight simulators that are available today, and a lot of them offer great gameplay mechanics that make you feel like you are controlling a real plane, although you may need to buy accessories, peripherals, or controllers to enhance the experience. While plenty of flight simulators are already excellent … Read more

Finding Hang Gliding Simulators for PC

hang gliding activity

There are so many outdoor activities that we can do while on vacation, although there are some that are considered to be more popular than the others. One of these popular outdoor activities is hang gliding, which is an air sport wherein the pilot flies a light aircraft called the hang glider. … Read more

Types of Model Aircraft You Can Fly

A man flying an RC plane

If you are a fan of scale modeling, building your own model kit is no doubt a satisfying experience; every time you glue the pieces together, you would get an incredibly relaxing and peaceful feeling. After you are finished working on your model kit, you could either put it on display or … Read more

How to Photograph Your Model Airplane

A yellow model airplane

Working on model airplanes is indeed an enjoyable and exciting hobby. It might take you several days or weeks to finish your model kit, but all of your hard work is undoubtedly a worthwhile experience. After seeing the finished product, you would have a sense of achievement, wherein you want to show … Read more

Guide to Choosing the Best Aeromodeling Kit

Guide, Choosing, Aeromodeling, Kit

Aeromodeling is no longer a mere popular hobby or pastime. If you decide to be a part of the fascinating world of model aircraft, the undertaking transcends just keeping your hands and busy. Aeromodeling offers lots of unseen benefits, from alleviating stress, serving as an inspiration to young pilots, and taking modelers … Read more

Aeromodeling for Beginners

A man flying an RC plane

Watching people flying toy planes in the park is often a satisfying sight to see. Not only is it fascinating to watch toy planes soar the skies, we sometimes try to answer the question: how do these toy planes work? When we see a flying toy aircraft, the first thing that comes … Read more

What Makes Aero Modeling Relevant Today?

What Makes Aero Modeling Relevant Today

When you think about aero modeling, you would often think about putting little pieces together in order to form a miniature airplane. While it’s true that it requires putting pieces together, aero modeling is an art, a hobby, and a passion for some. When you think about it, it looks like aero … Read more

How to Preserve and Display Your Model Aircraft

Focke-Wulf FW B 200 Condor

If you’re into aeromodelling or building model planes, you surely value and are proud of each model aircraft you have. With that, it only fits that you get to preserve and display them as safely as possible. Fortunately, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, preserving and exhibiting your collection is … Read more

Introduction to Aerobatics

aircraft aerobatics show

Aerobatics is a form of maneuvering aircraft in altitudes that are not typically used in regular flights. Aircraft that are used in aerobatics are mostly made for recreation, training, sport, and entertainment. Most aerobatics stunts include rotation and spinning of the plane, and it is often combined to form a complete sequence … Read more

What is Aeromodeling?

Fokker F28 static desk model

The world of aviation is home to different disciplines. All of these disciplines come together to design, create, and innovate new types of aircraft. Whether it may be real-life war aircraft or simply model aircraft, there is a lot more than what meets the eye. It is estimated that more than a … Read more