A Beginners Guide To Crossbow Hunting

A Beginners Guide To Crossbow Hunting

Crossbows are primarily used for hunting small to medium-sized game such as deer, elk, bear, wild boar, and other similar animals. They can also be used to hunt small game like squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits. Some crossbows are even powerful enough to take down larger animals like bison and moose, depending on … Read more

Top African Wildlife Documentaries to Watch

Mother and children watching television in the living room.

Africa is home to an incredibly diverse range of wildlife, from majestic elephants and lions to elusive octopuses and gorillas. However, many of these species are facing threats from poaching, habitat loss, and other human activities. We will explore some of the top African wildlife documentaries that offer an in-depth look into … Read more

How To Practice Firing Slingshots

A hand-pull sling shot

If you are into hunting, you know how important it is to have an accurate shot. To be able to shoot accurately requires a lot of patience and practice. One of the best ways to improve your accuracy when you use a bow or a crossbow is to use a slingshot. Slingshots … Read more

What is a game camera for hunting?

Camera traps with infrared light and a motion detector attached to a tree

With all the advances technology has made, game cameras are becoming more and more essential for hunting. This hunting accessory is also known as a trail camera and can be used in various ways. You can set them up while hunting or use them as security cameras. The most important thing when … Read more

Types Of Fishing

Father and son fishing on boat

Fishing is a recreational or commercial activity that involves catching fish from a body of water, either in the wild or from a farm or hatchery. There are many different types of fishing, and each type uses different techniques and equipment. Some common types of fishing include:  1. Fly Fishing Fly fishing … Read more

Top Tips When Planning A Minnesota Fishing Trip

Man fishing from a canoe in northern Minnesota's

Minnesota is a fisherman’s paradise, known for its abundance of lakes and rivers teeming with a variety of fish species. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, a fishing trip to Minnesota is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. When planning a fishing trip to Minnesota, there are a few important … Read more

What Is a Fishing Belt?

A fisherman catching fish

Fishing belts are much more than a fashion statement. They are designed to help support the fishing rod and your back when you catch larger fish. These belts are an essential part of an angler’s gear because they make fishing and catching your fish much easier. If you are a frequent large … Read more

What is a predator call?

A hunter blowing a whistle

Predators are some of the most challenging animals to hunt because of how smart they are. The most common predators that are hunted include coyotes, bobcats, and cougars. They have an uncanny ability to hide and disappear when you see them, which makes them quite tricky to capture.  To make this task … Read more

What Is a Boonie Hat, and What Are Its Benefits for Hunting?

boonie hat isolated on white background

Boonie hats are the most popular kind of hats used by hunters. They are pretty distinct from other types of hats due to their camouflage pattern. Still, their construction is quite similar to that of bucket hats. The only difference between the two is that boonie hats are much stiffer. These hats … Read more

Tips for Picking a Hunting Crossbow

crossbow on tree trunk

Crossbow hunting is an excellent way to try bow hunting without overcoming the learning curve that comes with compound or recurve bows. Crossbows are extremely common among hunters and are mainly used for hunting down deer, elk, bears, and other animals.  Crossbows are highly versatile. Despite their age, injury, or lack of … Read more

Guide to Slingshots

Old school slingshot

Slingshots have been used as a weapon since the early moments of history. These devices come in various different styles. You can find basic slingshots made using twigs and rubber bands and more sophisticated ones made using high-quality wood and elastic rubber bands. Slingshots go by different names in different countries, but … Read more

What are the Benefits of a GPS Multi-Sport Watch?

What are the Benefits of a GPS Multi-Sport Watch?

GPS is becoming more and more common in smartwatches and fitness trackers today. In the same way, manufacturers and retailers advertise the same products. How does GPS work on a smartwatch, though? Please find out how the GPS on your smartwatch works and the best way to use it. Let’s go into … Read more