Guide to Emergency and Space Blankets


Emergency blankets (also called space blankets) are essential to any bug out bag, and for good reason. Whether you’re exploring a destination in winters or get stuck in a hurricane, your blanket can provide you the care and physical protection you need to survive in unfavorable conditions. These blankets are extremely lightweight … Read more

How to Keep Warm during a Disaster


Staying warm during a long-term disaster is essential to your survival in case of a long-term power outage during winter. Failure to stay warm can lead not only to hypothermia and frostbite – it can also cause a person to become sick at the worst time to have even the most mundane … Read more

Staying Warm Without Power


When power is out and the air is cold – whether it is due to winter or whether due to the general climate of the area – it can be a challenge to stay warm.  Even in the summer, some areas get cool enough at night that some sort of heat can … Read more

Keep Your Feet Warm with Socks

Keep Your Feet Warm with Socks

When the weather cools, warmth is something people seek. Because the body protects the core, where the organs are, the extremities are the first to get cold. Sometimes feet can feel cold even when the ambient air temperature is not cold, such as when a person has diabetes, underactive thyroid, Raynaud’s, anemia, … Read more

Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry with Footwear

Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry with Footwear

Staying comfortable is usually some degree of priority and this is often even more important to people after a disaster when there are fewer things within their control. If something bad happens during the winter, or in an area where it tends to be colder, this can be more difficult, especially if … Read more

Warm Hands with Powered Warmers


Disasters can cause a lot of problems, and one of them can make everything more complicated. That is when the power is out for an extended period. If this happens in the wintertime, or in an area where the temperature stays cool, finding ways to keep warm is important. While the body … Read more

Keep Your Feet Warm with Foot Warmers


When the temperature gets cold, and something causes a lack of heat (such as in the case of a disaster causing an extended power outage), keeping hands and feet warm can be a challenge. Having warm feet is often a key factor in getting a good night’s sleep, as well. Some people … Read more

Warm Your Hands with Hand Warmers


It can be uncomfortable to have cold hands, and if there is not ambient heat – such as when there is a power outage due to a disaster – then it is more difficult to warm them up if they get cold. Cold hands will limit movement and dexterity, making tasks harder … Read more

Keep Your Hands Warm with Gloves


Extremities are often the first part of the body to get cold when the temperature is lower outside (or inside if the power goes out). This is because the body is made to keep the core at the right temperature so in the case of lowered temperature, heat is diverted from the … Read more

Wearable Blankets


When trying to keep warm, whether it is just cold or whether there is a power outage or whether one is out camping, one of the most comfortable ways to achieve warmth is by having a wearable blanket. The nice thing about wearable blankets is that they offer the comfort of a … Read more

Survival Gear for Warmth

Survival Gear for Warmth

If a catastrophe happens during the winter months, keeping warm can become a difficult situation. Having appropriate survival gear available for each person in the household can be crucial to surviving over a cold night in a house and being able to keep warm without a campfire could be crucial to surviving … Read more

Emergency Thermal Blanket Facts

Emergency Thermal Blanket Facts

There are a variety of names – and styles – of thermal blankets. These are known as emergency blankets, first aid blankets, space blankets, weather blankets, safety blankets, Mylar blankets, shock blankets, or heat sheets. They are handy in many situations. Here are some interesting emergency thermal blanket facts. Thermal blankets are … Read more