Essential Stand Up Paddle Boarding Accessories

As the standup paddleboarding (SUP) community grows, more products and accessories are being designed to enhance the SUP experience. The SUP gear like the paddle board and paddle (of course), leash, PFD are your essentials, but you don’t have to paddle with only the bare minimum. Whether you’re new to the sport … Read more

Tips for Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Prescription Glasses


Wearing prescription glasses can make you look smart, but if you like getting active, it sucks. A sporty person with poor eyesight always experiences inconveniences. When playing ball sports, there’s a risk of the eyeglasses getting crashed if a ball accidentally hits the face. When hiking or climbing, there’s a risk of … Read more

Guide to Buying Stand Up Paddleboards


There has been a growing interest all across the world in stand up paddling (SUP) and for the very right reasons. With a stand-up paddleboard, you can have fun just about anywhere. From paddling into the ocean and coastal waterways to slow rivers and lakes – you can enjoy this sport just … Read more

Getting Started with Paddleboard Yoga


If you’re planning to try out SUP yoga soon, here are some of the must-have gear that you might want to get before you start. SUP Yoga Mat Practicing yoga on a hard floor feels uncomfortable and the same goes with practicing yoga on a paddle board. Therefore, a SUP yoga mat … Read more

Tips for Protecting Your Eyes While Standup Paddle Boarding


Have you ever experienced going out on a paddleboarding trip, and your eyes hurt so much afterward? Perhaps you are not protecting your eyes right. Wearing eyewear during water sport is also important, just as you need to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays using sunscreen. Wearing sports eyewear … Read more

Equipment Needed for Paddleboarding


Paddleboarding is a popular sport around the world. You get to ride the waves and there is nothing that can be as much exciting. However, paddleboarding mostly depends on the equipment you own. For beginners, choosing between different options can be a tough choice and can make all the difference. From dressing … Read more