What is Haberdashery in Sewing?

Anyone who regularly sews as either a hobby or part of their job knows the importance of haberdashery. It is not an exaggeration that no sewing project is complete without a proper kit of haberdashery for sewing. 

In this article we discuss sewing haberdashery, the different haberdashery items a sewist needs, and some valuable insights to keep in mind when purchasing your haberdashery kit. Furthermore, for your convenience, we have also compiled some great quality haberdashery kits for you so you can start sewing right away with no delays. 

What is Haberdashery?

Haberdashery is the backbone of any sewing project and the crutches of a sewist. By definition, haberdashery items include important sewing materials sold by a haberdasher. 

These items include zips, buttons, ribbons, threads, and other such accessories that are the basic materials required to start any sewing project.  

Haberdashery Essentials: Items everyone Needs in Their Sewing Haberdashery Kit

Fabric and haberdashery are the most important items for sewing. Still, there is a plethora of sewing items that can comprise a haberdashery kit itself. Some of these items, like fancy ribbons, etc. are mere decoratives. However, there are certain essentials in sewing haberdashery that are a must-have to be in the kit.

Needles & Pins

No sewing can take place without an assortment of sewing needles and sewing pins. In fact, a sewing project will remain at a stand still if you are using a single type of needle. 

Regardless of whether you are sewing using a sewing machine or by hand, you will need a variety of needles and pins to work on various different fabrics and make different kinds of stitches. 


Choosing a thread for your sewing is not just about the thread color or matching the thread with the fabric. The choice of thread is also influenced by the fabric you intend to use. For instance, delicate fabrics of satin or silk material require special threads that will not fray upon sewing. 

Therefore, you need a wide variety of threads of different colors and materials so you can pair them with your available fabric. 


Interfacings are fabric materials used to add stiffness and strength to the clothes you are sewing, such as in the collar or button area. Having interfacings as part of your fabric and haberdashery kit means you will be able to work with a number of different fabrics materials. 


If you intend to use the scissors lying around in your kitchen for a sewing project then you are doing it wrong. Not every scissor will cut through your sewing fabric (especially not the kitchen scissors) and can even ruin the material for you. Hence, you need to buy proper scissors solely for your sewing that will efficiently cut through your fabrics. 

Measures and Gauge

Lightweight tape measures with prominent readings are extremely crucial items to keep in your sewing haberdashery. Other than that, sewing and measuring gauges will also benefit you significantly in taking your measurements. 

Fastenings and Hooks

From eye-catching buttons and hooks to crucial fasteners that will hold the dress together, fastenings are a must-have haberdashery item.

Markers for Fabrics

Fabric markers are very important for any sewist. They help you with reference points, drawing cutting lines and jotting down measurements. Therefore, you must keep a pack of fabric markers in your sewing haberdashery kit. 

Essential Equipment in the Haberdashery Kit

You need to make sure that your haberdashery kit is equipped with all the essentials. The table below shows the different choices you have in these haberdashery items.

Haberdashery Items

Types and Choices


  • Universal

  • Ballpoint

  • Stretch

  • Sharp

  • Quilting

  • Jeans

  • Leather Embroidery, etc.


  • Cotton

  • Filament Polyester

  • Rayon

  • Nylon

  • Metallic

  • Glitter, etc. 


  • Dressmaker

  • Small sharp

  • Small embroidery

  • Pinking

  • Lightweight shears

  • Spring Mounted shears

Fabric Fastener

  • Buckles

  • Press studs

  • Velcro tapes

  • Cufflinks

  • Zipper

  • Frog fastener, etc.

Fabric Markers

  • Water-soluble/Disappearing ink pens

  • Ceramic lead pens

  • Tailor’s chalk

  • Chaco liner pens

  • Tracing carbon paper

  • Bar soap slivers, etc.

Measuring Tools

  • Tape measure

  • Ruler

  • Meter ruler

  • Gauge (Hemline, Buttonhole)

  • Folding ruler

  • Flexible curve

  • Patternmaster, etc.

Things To Consider Before Buying Sewing Haberdashery

Here are a few things to be mindful of before purchasing haberdashery for sewing


Always make sure that you are purchasing high-quality materials. When it comes to sewing, low-quality material will not only prove useless but will get you nowhere and will also be a waste of money. 

For example, a low-quality plastic scissor won’t cut your fabric, a low-quality thread will keep breaking, and low-quality needles will also break in a sewing machine. 

Make Your Choice

Always know your requirements before purchasing. All haberdashery items come in various options, from thread colors to needle sizes, and scissor types, etc. You must be aware of the type of tool you need before you purchase one. 


If you are someone who enjoys hand sewing on their travels or likes to carry their kit everywhere then you should look for portable haberdashery items kits. There are a number of small, lightweight, and compact kits that come equipped with all the sewing tools you will need. 

Haberdashery Pieces

Depending on the price, haberdashery kits can contain as many as 200 or more items. However, there are times when you have no need for that many accessories and require only the basic materials. 

In that case, it is important for you to know the pieces included in a kit and make sure you buy the one that you need instead of wasting your money on larger kits that will not be required later. 

Sewing Haberdashery Recommendations

If you are wondering where to begin finding yourself a good haberdashery kit then fret no longer. We have compiled some haberdashery items to help you get started. 

The table sums up a comparison of the five haberdashery kits. 


Item Weight





1.1 pounds

Stainless steel



Singer Haberdashery

0.32 ounces




ARTIKA Sewing Haberdashery

5 ounces




Colored Bird Sewing Kit

8.1 ounces



Transparent blue

LoDrid Haberdashery

11.3 ounces

Outside: quilting fabric

Inside: soft flannel



Where to Buy
Singer Haberdashery
ARTIKA Sewing Haberdashery
Colored Bird Sewing Kit



This overflowing kit of haberdashery has set a new record for incorporating the most amount of haberdashery items! One evidential example is the increment of the number of pools from 36 to 41 as well as the increase in length from 120 to 150. In fact, a number of new tools have also been added!

Apart from including the basic haberdashery tools like stainless steel scissors, sewing needles and pins, it also includes a large range of reel colors: 36 basic and 5 rainbow colors. 

Additionally, the case of this sewing kit is made of great quality, thick, and durable material with a zipper. The case is also portable so you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.  Its compact size means it can fit anywhere, from your desk drawer to a suitcase or briefcase. 


  • 206 items

  • A wide range of reel colors

  • Portable

  • Good quality case

  • Includes new haberdashery items apart from basic ones. 


  • A little bulky for travel

2. Singer Haberdashery

Singer Haberdashery

This sewing haberdashery kit includes 80+ items and tools to assist you in sewing. Apart from a wide range of thread spools it also includes other essential tools including scissors, needles, 60-inch tape measure, and more supplies. 

The best part of this haberdashery kit is the box itself. It is a portable storage box with an easy-to-open handle as well as a latch lock to keep the items inside intact during travels. Moreover, it contains drawers where you can store your sewing supplies with ease, preventing the loss of any time. Further, you can fit this kit anywhere near your workspace and readily access it. 

Additionally, other positive features of the kit include its transparent material which allows you to see exactly where your desired sewing item is. Plus, it is lightweight which makes it easy to carry. 


  • Wide range of haberdashery items

  • Portable box

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Acts as a good storage space


  • The number of items is less. 

  • Scissors are not very sharp

3. ARTIKA Sewing Haberdashery

ARTIKA Sewing Haberdashery

This haberdashery kit includes 130 items for both sewing and knitting. From spools and scissors to golden eye needles and wonder clips, there is nothing that this premium kit is short on. Since it is so well equipped, you can easily use it for any emergency without needing a sewing machine.

The kit is portable and includes a leather case for travel purposes. The material is durable, made of good quality, and includes a zipper so your sewing tools will always remain safe and protected. 

This can even make for a great present for any sewist that you know or someone who generally enjoys sewing as a hobby!


  • 130 items

  • Can be used for both sewing and knitting

  • Handy in case of emergeNCIES

  • Portable

  • Good quality Leather case


  • The quantity of thread is less

  • Small kit not good for extensive sewers 

4. Colored Bird Sewing Kit

Colored Bird Sewing Kit

This sewing kit contains all the essentials that you will need to perform both basic repairs as well as crafty decorative sewing tasks. It features a large number of spools in a wide range of colours, different fasteners, needles, scissors, thimble, tape measure, and every other essential you will need. 

This small and compact haberdashery kit is the ideal size for travel purposes. It has enough room to carry every sewing tool and is also compact enough to fit in your briefcase, suitcase, or any other bag. 

Additionally, despite carrying a bulk of sewing supplies this cute transparent blue kit is extremely lightweight. Moreover, the box is also durable and designed to keep the supplies safe. As such, it also makes for the perfect present for a sewist. 


  • Contains every sewing supply you will need
  • Useful in both basic repairs and complex sewing
  • Small and Compact
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Plastic scissors
  • Needles too small for use by older people



Containing a hundred sewing items, this haberdashery kit contains every essential item that a sewist can need. A number of colored spools, sewing needles, scissors, threads, pins, and a lot more essentials are included in the kit. 

The small compact bag containing all the items is designed to offer protection to your supplies. It is made of soft flannel on the inside and is even padded to ensure your sewing essentials do not get damaged in any way. The zipper pocket keeps haberdashery items intact, while the transparent pocket and removable padded partitions all help in safely storing the items. 

The handle on the top means you can easily carry your supplies anywhere. Portability also means you will be equipped with basic haberdashery in times of emergency needs. 


  • Wide range of spool colors
  • Includes all basic items
  • Portable
  • Durable and good quality bag


  • Some threads are not very strong.

Final Word

A good and well-equipped haberdashery items kit is extremely important for any sewist. A compact space carrying all the necessary haberdashery essentials means you are always covered even in cases of emergencies. 

However, it is very important to know the items you need before purchasing. Every haberdashery item comes with a large number of choices and not all items have good quality. Hence, before purchasing, know what you need and explore the quality of several items before buying. 

Our recommendations will set you on the right track for purchasing a durable and good-quality haberdashery kit. We suggest you especially try the GOANDO sewing kit which is extremely economical especially considering the large amount of sewing haberdashery supplies it contains.