Soviet Aircraft in World War 2


Brief overview of the Soviet Union’s role in World War 2 In the year 1923 the Soviet air force came properly into existence. While the Soviet Union had air squadrons before this, and while each squadron would remain under the authority of its local ground commander, all air units began reporting to … Read more

Best Kayaking Spots in America

two kayakers on shallow waters of Lake Tahoe

Kayaking is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the water, and the USA offers some of the finest locations to give it a try. By taking a kayaking trip, you can experience famous destinations from a whole new angle. No matter your skill level, there’s a kayaking adventure in the USA … Read more

The Art of Joinery with Biscuit Joiners

joinery works in the workshop using sipes and a special milling machine

A biscuit joint, also known as a plate joint or biscuit joinery, is a woodworking technique used to combine two pieces of wood. It involves the use of small, thin, oval-shaped wooden discs called “biscuits” (hence the name) that are made from compressed wood or a similar material. These biscuits are typically … Read more

Exploring the World of Virtual Reality Painting

a man using virtual reality headsets as he paints on a real canvas

While gaming has been the most prominent use for virtual reality (VR), its potential extends far beyond that. Artists use VR for various creative pursuits, including painting, drawing, 3D modeling, sculpting, and animation. Whether you’re an illustrator, painter, architect, or any other creative visionary – VR offers a limitless canvas. It can … Read more

Guide to Wood Carving Tools

wood carving tools and wood shavings n a wooden table

Wood carving is a timeless art form that has captivated people for centuries. Artisans craft beautiful objects from wood, such as furniture, figurines, and decorations.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at wood carving, especially the tools that make it possible. Why Try Wood Carving? Wood carving isn’t just a … Read more

The Evolution of Model Airplanes

a small-scale model of a red airplane

Out of all the hobby models, model airplanes are among the most popular sets put together. The concept behind their appeal is straightforward: you begin with a set of parts and end up with a mini replica of your favorite modern-day flying machines. Whether it’s passenger planes, military jets, or even spacecraft, … Read more

Power Tools for Wood Carving

a man using a power tool to make a wooden sculpture

In this world where more people are engrossed with the digital world, wood carving seems to be a lost art. For those who still enjoy this tactile hobby, it brings a sense of accomplishment and reward to see your vision coming to life on wood.  This hobby calls for patience, practice and … Read more

Building a Career in Graphic Design

a graphic designer in his office

Think of those massive billboards on the highway or the snazzy designs on your favorite soda cans – that’s graphic design at work! As a graphic designer, your mission is to grab people’s attention, inform or tell a story with your designs. Are you interested in graphic design? The good thing is, … Read more

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

graphic designers working on a project together

Graphic design is both an art and a science. But you don’t need to have a degree or be a professional designer to be able to make one. All you need is to understand the basic principles, and mastering them can help you create visuals that are both informative and visually appealing. … Read more

Mixing and Utilizing Pigments in Resin Art

woman making epoxy resin art

Resin art is beautiful. Have you ever seen a pendant necklace with dried flowers suspended inside? Or a coaster with different shades of the sunset designed on it? In itself, resin looks like a clear and lifeless canvas, but with pigments, you can make vibrant masterpieces. Whether you’re a seasoned resin artist … Read more

What is Graphic Design and its Types?

a laptop displaying digital art for graphic designer with a team of designers working in the background

When you hear graphic design, what picture comes to your mind? It might be a logo, an ad, an invitation, a magazine cover, a website, or something else entirely. And you know what, you’re probably right! Graphic design comes in different shapes and sizes, but all of them involve making visual compositions … Read more

Top Culinary Tourism Destinations in the World

a Chinatown road on Bangkok, Thailand

Food is an integral part of travel, allowing you to delve into a region’s culture and culinary history through authentic local dishes that may be hard to find back home. Culinary travel is on the rise, with an increasing number of travelers eager to savor local flavors when they venture to new … Read more