Setting Up a Salt Water Fish Tank

Setting Up a Salt Water Fish Tank

Emulating the beauty of the depths of the ocean using a saltwater fish tank can be a daunting task at first. However, if you follow the right steps, you might be able to set up a saltwater or marine fish tank in a fairly easy way. It’s also handy if you have … Read more

What Your Rat’s Sleeping Position Really Means

What your rats sleeping position really means

Rats are social creatures by nature and will sleep in what I like to call ratty piles. Meaning if there are more than three rats in the cage they will all pile on top of each other or into a small bed together looking like they can barely breathe let alone be … Read more

Caring Tips and Important Items for Pet Rabbits


Rabbits are great pets, and they are really fun to play with. But aside from having fun with them, pet rabbits also need as much care as a dog or a cat. They can typically live for 8 to 12 years, meaning they need a long-term commitment from their owners. If you … Read more