Tips for Grilling on Your Boat

Boating is a fun way of spending time on the water with your friends and family. But after a tiring day of adventure, it’s certain that you will all feel hungry and it’s not cool if you’re just going to eat cold sandwiches for a snack. This is why it’s essential to … Read more

Famous Boat Captains of History


With the long history of boating and seafaring, many different captains arose, leading the ship from point A to point B. But the most famous of captains in the history of boating are mostly pirates – and it’s not the thing you’ll learn from your history homework. Because pirates are key figures … Read more

Interesting Facts About Powerboat Racing


It’s not only powerboat racing as a sport that is thrilling and adventurous, but also its history that catches the attention of sea lovers. From the mid eighteen century to date, powerboat racing has evolved and taken the modern touch with speed boats that are faster and much safer. The advancements in … Read more

History of Kayaks


Kayaking has been around for thousands of years since the Inuits (Eskimos) started to paddle in the waters with low, narrow vessels made of various materials. They used kayaks primarily for hunting and fishing. Nowadays though, kayaking is mostly recreation and a sport.  Are you or someone you know interested in getting … Read more

History of Rowing Sports


The history of rowing, as a sport and not just as a way to get around to places, is almost as old as civilization itself. Once used to be a widely practiced sport many centuries ago, rowing has now declined in popularity due to the rise of other sports such as basketball. … Read more

Tips for Securing Your Boat


Taking care of a boat is not as easy as maintaining a car, as there are several steps that you must do in order to secure it against many hazards and maintain its parts to remain in its pristine condition. Not many people own a boat, but for those who are buying … Read more

What Type of Sports Require a Boat to Enjoy Them?


If you own a boat, you probably want to venture into some fun water sports so you can enjoy your boat in a whole new way than sailing and hanging out. Many water sports involve a rider that’s towed behind a motorized boat with a tow rope and a board or tube. … Read more

Best Sunscreens to Wear on a Boat


Are you planning to go boating one of these days? Sure, being outdoor could be a great idea. Nothing beats a great sunbathe while on a boat or some lake fishing at some of the best areas in the West. It’s quiet, the view is serene, and the experience can be very calming. … Read more

Paddle Away and Try Canoeing as a Hobby

Happy friends kayaking on river with sunset

Canoeing can be a fun and healthy way to pass the time. It’s one of many people’s favorite hobbies for getting them outside and active! Canoeing and kayaking provide an almost limitless number of leisure opportunities. While the technology surrounding canoes and kayaks is continually evolving, the sport of canoeing and kayaking … Read more

How to Keep Your Boat Organized?

boat in the sea

Owning a boat can be exciting, entertaining, and satisfying and can allow you to go on a relaxing ocean vacation anywhere, anytime you want. But fun and fantasy aside, owning a boat is not a cakewalk and can turn out to be a nightmare for you if you are not responsible and … Read more