Guide to Picking a Telescope

Guide to Picking a Telescope

Astronomy is the study of all things in the universe that are beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. These include objects that we can see with our naked eyes, such as the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars. It also includes objects that we can only see with the use of telescopes … Read more

Finding a Telescope That Won’t Break Your Budget


Telescopes can help us see the beauty of the stars, constellations, and other celestial objects.  However, the price of some telescopes can be daunting and it is kind of difficult to start a hobby in astronomy when you’re on a budget. But not all of them are expensive because there are also … Read more

Best Meade Telescopes for Beginners Younger Than 12


A telescope is a perfect gift for children and teenagers who aspire to be astronauts and astronomers in the near future, as it allows them to get an up-close and real-life look at the moon, the planets in the solar system, and the heavenly bodies beyond. There are many brands out there … Read more

What is the Most Affordable Telescope for a Beginner?


The telescope is arguably the best item to have if you are an aspiring astronomer or if you are just interested in space and heavenly bodies. However, not everyone can afford the best telescope, as the one that is built with the highest quality materials would usually go for more than $500, … Read more

Find the Right Cheap Travel Scope for Your Trip


Traveling in places where there are plenty of animals and interesting sights to look at is much more fun if you have a telescope. The telescope will allow you to see things up close without even going near them, which is essential if you are birdwatching since most birds will fly away … Read more

Telescopes You Can Take Backpacking


Backpacking is one of the fun activities that you can do if you want to be free from all the hustles and bustles of the city and get closer to nature. You can go up the mountain and camp with your friends and family. Most of the time, camping destinations have darker … Read more

Comparing Starwatcher Telescopes


BBarska is considered as one of the best manufacturers of utility gear like tactical vests and rifle bags, and also security products like safes and vaults. However, they are also known for selling high-quality precision sport optics, such as rifle scopes, binoculars, microscopes, spotting scopes, and telescopes. For their telescopes, Barka divided … Read more

Books and Planispheres to Stargazing


Stargazing is one of the most enjoyable activities to do, especially when you’re out camping. You can also do this in your backyard, as long as the surroundings are dark. If you are looking into learning more about the night sky, there are plenty of books that you can read, which cover … Read more

Best Cheaper Brands of Telescopes


Looking at distant things, whether it is the view across a valley or the stars in the night sky, requires having the right equipment. These trappings can range from reasonable prices to astronomical ones. This is good news for stargazers, amateur astronomers, and anyone else who needs a telescope for their various … Read more

Types of Telescope filters


In many different aspects, filters are always useful and essential; water filters of the ponds, so that the fish and seafood that we consume are clean and healthy, to the filters of the water that we drink. Filters are also present in our air conditioning units at home or in our office, … Read more

Guide to Telescope Eyepieces


Using a telescope is the best way to view astronomical events as well as remote objects. It has been one of the oldest educational products in the world which is still being used today. There has been a lot of changes and developments for telescopes but what didn’t change is their ability … Read more

What are the Major Telescope Brands?


When it comes to telescopes, there are many different kinds and models out there which are offered by various brands. But when it comes to buying telescopes, it is better to choose one that is from a reputable telescope brand. This way, you can ensure that you are getting a high-quality product … Read more