Pedal Boats Are Great for Calm Waters


Taking a trip in a pedal boat (sometimes also called a paddleboat) on calm waters is the ideal summer outing. If you enjoy relaxing in the calm waters, then owning a boat you can pedal on your own seems is a great idea. It can give you a great opportunity to spend … Read more

The Top 10 Inflatable Boats for Outdoor Adventures


A boat is essential whether you are going out to fish on the lake, getting ferry supplies from the shore, or going on a ranging rapids adventure with your family and friends. However, one problem with owning a boat is the space on where to store it. This is a common dilemma … Read more

Best Coolers for Boating


Coolers are essential items on boats because they can keep foods, drinks, as well as your daily catch from fishing fresh. There are many types of coolers available in the market and they vary in size, shape, durability, as well as in the ability to keep ice. Coolers also come in three … Read more

Best Sailing and Boating Wide Brimmed Hats for Men


If you’re a man who spends a lot of time sailing under the sun, it’s essential for you to always have sun protection around. One of the best sun protection you can wear while boating is a hat. However, a regular hat will not work especially when you intend to stay under … Read more

Best Marine and Boating VHF Radios

If you’re planning on going out for fishing on your boat or yacht, or go to a remote zone or sea, you definitely need take your safety as well as preparedness more seriously. One of the best equipment you can use in case you require emergency assistance while onboard is a marine … Read more

Best Sailing and Boating Wide Brimmed Hats for Women


If you’re a woman who enjoys sailing and boating, you should always have some sun protection with you to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. Aside from sunscreen, shades, and wearing UV protected clothes, another essential sun protection you should have is a wide-brimmed hat. Wide-brimmed hats are great for sailing … Read more

Best Lip Balms for Sailing and Boating


Sailing and boating involve a lot of time under the sun, and to be able to avoid sunburns, boaters see to it that they put on sunscreens, wear UV protected clothes, and have their shades and wide-brimmed hats on. However, there’s one spot on our face that we often forget to put … Read more

Best First Aid Kits for Boating


Boating is indeed an enjoyable water activity, however, just like any outdoor activities, it also includes the possibility of needing to handle medical problems. When you’re onboard and a medical emergency happens, medical attention may take a while to come, therefore, someone onboard must take the responsibility of administering the appropriate first … Read more

Top Ten Marine GPS


Marine GPS or Global Positioning System, can offer high-tech boaters endless possibilities. GPS receives signals from satellites which are used to determine location. Using a marine GPS is important because it will help you locate yourself precisely even on the high seas as it clearly pinpoints the position and the location of … Read more

10 Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers


Wakeboarding is one of the fun water activities you can try. It is a water sport where you are pulled through the water and make a perfect jump as you hit the wave. But did you know that you can make your wakeboarding experience more fun? Yes, and that is by adding … Read more

Marine Battery Chargers


If you drive a boat or own one, you will certainly know the frustration of a dying battery. Batteries that do not have enough power to start the engine will need a battery charger that can provide a good amount of amps to your battery that it has lost during the time … Read more

Portable Power Sources Options for Boating


When you’re sailing on a boat, you may want to run a refrigerator or cook on stoves for a convenient boating experience. It would really be pretty cool to drink cold beer and eat a freshly cooked meal while you’re on board, chilling. If you have a small sailboat or a boat … Read more