Common Household Items That Can Be Used as Survival Gear


When it comes to preparing survival items for disasters that may happen, a lot of people feel overwhelmed because there are lots of survival items they want to buy. However, some survival gear can be very expensive, and those who cannot afford them tend to panic. Well, if you are feeling worried … Read more

EMP-Proof Items to Keep on Hand


An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) has the potential to be a serious problem because it could completely knock out electricity, on which the vast majority of humans in today’s world depend. While the obvious things such as lights and computers come to mind, other things that are likely to be affected include internet, … Read more

Digital Survival Kits


When an emergency or catastrophe happens, computer data may be the last consideration for most people. However, once things settle down, that electronic information could be crucial to survival and resuming a relatively normal life. As with everything else, it is important to be prepared. 1Some of the information that may be … Read more

Compact Survival Kits


Survival kits can make the difference between surviving in relative comfort or surviving by the skin of the teeth, but many of them can be bulky and difficult to haul if leaving home is required. Because of this, many survivalists have ventured into the realm of creating small kits that are easy … Read more

Best Survival Batteries


In the event of a disaster or the end of the world as we know it, it is difficult to know whether electricity will be as widely available as it is now. Since manual items are much less common than they once were, having a power source may be extremely important for … Read more

What is an EDC Kit?


EDC is an abbreviation for Every-Day Carry. It generally contains items useful for survival and things that are used regularly. Obviously, it would be unwieldy to carry around everything that might be necessary in the case of a disaster, so having everyday items to carry regularly is a wise plan. If something … Read more

Making an Eco-Friendly Emergency Kit

Making an Eco-Friendly Emergency Kit

Over the past few years, we have seen a general rise in the number of natural disasters and hazards that create an unexpected situation for all of us. Common examples of these include the Pandemic of COVID-19 which forced the whole world to go on lockdown as well as the snowfall in … Read more

Medical Supplies for Survival

Medical Supplies for Survival

When things get difficult due to a catastrophe or disaster, medical supplies become much more important due to the limited availability of professional medical assistance. Having the necessary prepper medical supplies available may increase the likelihood of staying healthy and recovering from injuries without lasting effects.  Collecting prep medic gear is not … Read more

Guide to Plate Carriers


Plate carriers, commonly known as bullet-proof vests, is one of the most important parts of equipment for police officers and soldiers, as they provide protection against bullets that are aimed towards the chest and the back of the body. While it is usually worn by military and police personnel, plate carriers have … Read more

Helpful Off-Grid Gadgets


Going off-grid is a whole new experience for most people. The grid – primarily electricity – is such a part of life that the thought of living without it can be daunting, at best. However, the prospect can also be surprisingly freeing. One way to cope with the differences in living on … Read more

Best Dehydrators for Off-Grid


Food preservation is one of the most important factors in off grid living. Since many, if not most, off-grid locations are also somewhat remote, those who prefer not to rely on grocery stores need a way to preserve food that they grow or forage. Why Dehydrate? Because bacteria and mold tend to … Read more