JOOLA Tour 2500 Indoor Table Tennis Table and Net Set Review


What is it that makes JOOLA ping pong tables so popular among all the other brands out there? It’s pretty obvious that their build quality, longevity and design score top points in JOOLA ping pong table reviews. The major reason for this? They offer great quality at their price level. The JOOLA … Read more

Introduction to Game Room Gaming


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Ultimate Guide to Game Room Games


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JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set Review


It can be hard to find some middle ground when looking to purchase a ping pong table. No one wants to overspend, but no one wants an inferior ping pong table either. This is why it is always worth purchasing from a trusted brand with a reputation for quality. Even at the … Read more

JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review


Outdoor ping pong tables are always popular and for good reason. They give you the flexibility to store and use the table wherever you please, without the worry of decay, rust, and warping. Some ping pong tables make the mistake of sacrificing quality to be rated for use outdoors, as the material … Read more

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Review


It is no secret that I favor some brands over others, and not just in regards to ping pong tables. Sticking with a well-known brand brings faith that your product will be the quality you expect, and with a long history in manufacturing fine ping pong tables, STIGA has become one of … Read more

Best Pool Cues


There are so many things in life that require research and deep thinking before buying. Pool cues are one of those fine things. Especially when you are a beginner in this art, every name sounds overwhelming and all products seem similar.  Just like Roger Federer prefers a certain type of tennis racket … Read more

Theme Ideas for a Game Room


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Buying Used Ping Pong Tables


Ping pong or table tennis is one of the most popular games that you can enjoy playing at home. All you need to play the game is a table, net, paddle, and some ping pong balls. Among those items, the ping pong table is the most expensive. If you want to play … Read more

When Should You Change The Cloth of Your Pool Table?


Most pool tables today are made of slate, a nearly indestructible material that lasts long. However, on the other hand, the cloth covering the pool table, also known as felt, doesn’t last forever. Even though it can stay for more than a decade in everyday use, you will eventually need to replace … Read more