Infographic on the Types of Remote Control Hobbies

person holding a remote controller

There are many different hobbies that people are interested in. One of the popular hobbies in the world today is remote control hobbies. The remote control vehicle industry is becoming one of the biggest industries worldwide. It specializes in producing remote-controlled vehicles, such as cars, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters, and more.    A … Read more

Charge Up and Try Playing With Remote-Control Cars as a Hobby

remote-control cars

Cars and trucks have been the fastest-growing radio control sector in the last decade, and with good reason. They are quick, thrilling, and something that people of all ages can enjoy at their own pace. The five major interest categories for R/C land vehicles are off-road buggies, on-road cars, monster trucks, stadium … Read more

Review of the Interactive Aircraft UFO Drone

Review of the Interactive Aircraft UFO Drone

The RC or remote-controlled aircraft is arguably one of the most popular toys today, as it allows kids and hobbyists to be able to experience flying their favorite planes or helicopters in a much smaller size, which is perfect for rooms or backyards. However, these RC planes would often have limited movement … Read more

Cheerwing Metal-Scout U12S RC Helicopter Review

a blue Cheerwing RC helicopter

There are many toys out there that are remote-controlled, such as cars and robots. But isn’t it more fun if you can control something that flies? Imagine a miniature helicopter where you are the pilot. It has a live camera that allows you to enjoy a wide bird’s eye view of beautiful … Read more

Beginner’s Complete Guide to RC Planes and Our Top Picks

Flying something is a fascinating experience, but it takes some experience and skills to fly anything effortlessly without dropping it. This post covers an introduction to RC planes, things to consider when buying one, basic flying guide and some of the best RC planes that offer great value for the money.  Whether … Read more