Astrophotography: Guide to Capturing Celestial Wonders

silhouette of a photographer at night

Are you eager to explore the world of astrophotography? Do you want to capture meteor showers, supermoons, or the beauty of the Milky Way across the night sky? This guide has everything you need to know about the basics of astrophotography. First things first, for beginners in astrophotography, remember that planning, patience, … Read more

Capturing the Beauty of Animals in Their Natural Habitats

Photograph of money on a tree branch

Capturing the beauty of animals in their natural habitats is a captivating and rewarding experience for wildlife photographers and enthusiasts alike. It involves observing and photographing animals in their natural environment, capturing their unique behavior, and showcasing their beauty to the world.  This art form requires patience, perseverance, and a deep understanding … Read more

Tips and Techniques for Capturing Beautiful Images of Your Culinary Creations

Salad Bowls

Food photography has become increasingly popular in recent years, with social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest being flooded with pictures of mouth-watering dishes. However, taking captivating images of culinary creations is more than just point-and-shoot.  Whether you are a food blogger, chef, or just someone who loves to capture the beauty … Read more

Tips and Techniques for Better Travel Photography

Man standing near water

Introduction Travel photography is the ultimate passport to adventure, a visual journey that takes us to the far reaches of the earth and beyond. It’s a means of escape, a way to leave behind the mundane and immerse ourselves in the exotic and unknown. It’s a form of art that opens doors … Read more

The Guide to Using Drones for Photography

A drone flying in the air against a sunset

Drones have dramatically transformed the way we capture videos and images, as they can provide newer perspectives, cover large areas quickly, and weather harsh environments, thereby opening up new avenues for photography and videography. In this guide, we will explore how drones can be used in various ways, including commercial photography, wedding … Read more

How to Become a Successful Landscape Photographer

How to Become a Successful Landscape Photographer

Becoming a landscape photographer may not be everyone’s ideal job but it can have many rewards. The market may be saturated, but not everyone does work that carries meaning. You cannot ignore the attraction of an amazing shot, which should keep you motivated.  Getting into photography is easier than it was in … Read more

Tips for Better Flash Photography

Tips for Better Flash Photography

When used in photography, flash refers to a brief burst of lighting provided by electronic flash units. Whether on a DSLR or smartphone, the flash is used to illuminate subjects and provide a well-lit photo. Flash photography has its own techniques and tips that can be used when executing different types of … Read more

How To Do Smartphone Cinematography and Shoot Cinematic Video

Man doing live video with phone with stabilizer in NY

What Is Smartphone Cinematography? Smartphone cinematography is the art of using just your phone to take high-quality videos. Recently, smartphone cameras have massively improved in quality, which is why many prefer them over purchasing expensive gear.  The smartphone industry has revolutionized cinematography, making the art more accessible. Now, everyone can pick up … Read more

Guide to Becoming a Backpack and Traveling Filmmaker


Introduction Backpacking and traveling the world as a one-man-crew sounds exciting. You travel to exotic locales and meet interesting people. But that’s just one side of the story as there is a lot more to travel filmmaking. This line of business is not easy and requires specific skills and gear. Gone are … Read more

How to Make the Most Out of the Camera You Already Own

How to Make the Most Out of the Camera You Already Own

If you’re into photography, you don’t necessarily need to own the most expensive camera to take great photos. The truth is, as your camera gets more expensive, you receive diminishing returns. This is because even a moderately-priced camera nowadays is designed to be able to take excellent pictures, you just need to … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Photography

A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Photography

Throughout recorded history, people have been obsessed and fascinated by jewelry. It has always been seen as an accessory to adorn, and many have flaunted it to show off their wealth and status. Something so revered, so appealing, needs to be presented fittingly as well. You’re probably aware how jewelry is stored … Read more

Digital Picture Frames Buying Guide

Digital Picture Frames Buying Guide

As the world marches onward into a futuristic state only envisioned in science fiction three decades ago, so does the simplest of home décor. Digital picture frames are a fun little twist to generic picture frames. Instead of a glass case with a border, digital picture frames are much like tablets except … Read more

Top 13 Tips for Long Exposure Photography

Top 13 Tips for Long Exposure Photography

Intro Long exposure photography is one of the most mesmerizing ways of photography that exist today. It takes the fundamental notion of photography – capturing a single moment in time – and turns it on its head. The result is a jaw-dropping photo that captures a location in a way normal still … Read more