5 Smartphones for Photography

Samsung S9 Plus

Professional cameras such as mirrorless and DSLRs are still in the race only because they provide features that phones don’t but they are mostly replaced by the top-end phones for non-professional use. Smartphone cameras are just so excellent that you won’t need to carry a separate bag for a camera. Most of … Read more

Guide to Thermal Cameras


Keeping watch in a disaster situation or finding people can be a challenge, but thermal cameras can make these tasks much simpler. Even things that are not alive often emit some degree of heat. Thermal imaging allows people to see these things. However, there are so many different kinds of thermal cameras … Read more

Top 6 DSLRs for Indoors

Top 6 DSLRs for Indoors

Photography starts with a simple camera but the true photographic experience comes with a DSLR camera. In order to get the best pictures and videos possible, you need a camera that can help you in almost all aspects of photography. A DSLR camera is a Digital Single Lens Reflector camera that is … Read more

Best Mirrorless Cameras


The camera industry took another step towards innovation when Panasonic launched its first mirrorless camera in 2008. Now, the genre has grown massively and there are a number of mirrorless cameras available in the market to suit every budget and requirement. Most professional photographers who used to shoot with a DSLR, are … Read more

The Best Canon Cameras


Despite a lot of changes in the photography market over the last few years, it still seems that Canon has somehow managed to sustain its quality and provide a number of options to pretty much every kind of photographer. Whether you are a beginner who wants to practice photography or a professional … Read more

The Best Instant Cameras

The Best Instant Cameras

Instant cameras, also known as Polaroid cameras, gained mass appeal in the pre-digital 1970s and 1980s. They were considered cutting-edge technology back in the day, however, they became obsolete when the digital era came around. The only thing that makes them the most appealing is the fun of seeing an image materialize … Read more

Top Cameras for Vlogging


People are getting way more famous on YouTube than on TV by just making vlogs. Vlogging is just like blogging but instead of writing blogs, you make videos logs (vlogs). If you have good storytelling skills, content, and confidence to speak in front of the camera, you can easily earn fame and … Read more

The Best Nikon Cameras


There are two big players when it comes to cameras: Nikon and Canon. Nikon was founded in 1917 in Tokyo, Japan but they didn’t begin making cameras until early 1948. Now, they have a wide range of cameras for both professionals and beginners — and in 2017, they celebrated their 100th anniversary. … Read more

5 Best Cameras for Kids


Whether it’s for fun or learning, even kids cameras must be of top-notch quality, affordable, and practical. Children are often obsessed with taking snaps of things they love. Your child might also be grabbing your smartphone or tablet and roaming around the house; snapping pets, toys, plants, and whatsoever. The advancement in … Read more

A Guide to Buying Best Dashcams


A wild driver runs a red light or switches lanes without turning their signal or speeding or driving while looking at their phone and runs into you. In the very least, it will end in costing you in damages. Typically, if it goes to trial and you don’t have a credible witness … Read more

Top 3 Instant Camera Brands


Instant camera, also known as a Polaroid camera to older generations, is a compact, vintage device that is equipped with self-developing film to print your pictures right after capturing them. Back in the good old days, instant cameras were considered cutting-edge technology. However, their popularity and usage became obsolete when digital photography … Read more

DSLR Vs. Mirrorless Cameras: Which is Best for You?


If you want to get into photography but are confused between choosing a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, you’re in the right place for finding the perfect solution. Both choices here are great in clicking high-quality photos, but each has its pros and cons. We’ll discuss these in this article so you … Read more