How to Practice Firing Slingshots


With any sort of weapon, it is essentially useless unless one is able to use it to hit a target. Without accuracy, it will provide neither defense nor sustenance. Therefore, it is a good idea to practice shooting whatever it is you intend to use, in this case, a slingshot. What is … Read more

Moultrie Game Cameras


If you want to have a game camera then there is nothing better than the Moultrie made game cameras. First of all the game cameras are some sort of special cameras which can capture over the long range and they have got some other unique features as well which you cannot find … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Use an Ugly Stik


Let’s face it — fishing is about so much more than just catching fish. A lot of people fish as a way to blow off steam, relax and unwind. That’s why so many people invest in an Ugly Stik fishing rod because of the unmatched quality and performance. Combined with the unbeatable … Read more

What is a Fishing Belt?

Belts are not just for fashion purposes because there is also a kind of belt that is designed for fishing. Fishing belts are used to support the fishing rod as well as the back of the fisherman when catching larger fish such as giant tuna, and large blue and black marlin or … Read more

10 Best Electronic Predator Call Reviews


Electronic Predator Call Electronic Predator Call is one of the famous and most utilized tools used by the hunters in the forests to attract the animals or birds. This Electronic Predator Call can make the voice of the bird or animal as set by the user of the product. All of this … Read more

9 Best Boonie Hats Reviews: A Style for Hunters


Boonie Hats The Boonie hat traces its origin back to the Vietnam War when it was made to give relief to the soldiers who were facing extreme tropical weather conditions. This is a comfortable hat with the brim (which protects the most of the face from sunlight and rain) and it also … Read more

10 Best Hunting Crossbows Reviews


Hunting Crossbows If adventure thrills your life and gives you boost to achieve more then you must pack your bags once in a while closing all your works and search for prey. The skills involved make you focus more while you learn one of the closest to satisfying acts in your life. … Read more

Guide to Slingshots


The slingshot, sometimes known as a catapult or shanghai, is a projectile to use to fling different small objects to the target with the use of a Y-shaped metal or wooden frame and rubber bands. Although it is usually nowadays in the hands of kids as a toy, the slingshot has been … Read more

Slingshot Types and Best Slingshots


When you think about hunting, rifles are the first thing that comes to mind. Most people don’t put slingshots in the same category as other “serious shooting” equipment and just glance over it and label it as a toy. But slingshots are incredible tools that are not only great for hunting but … Read more

Types of Slingshots


Slingshots have been weapons since early moments in history. Because of this, they have also been toys. These devices range from twigs and rubber bands to more sophisticated options. It goes by different names in different countries, but the item itself is fairly universal. The traditional Y-shaped slingshot is not the only … Read more

What to Know About Pocket Shot Slingshots

What to Know About Pocket Shot Slingshots

A slingshot is a weapon that generally uses a sort of elastic to launch small projectiles. These can be balls or rocks or some other small object. Original slingshots have the elastic attached to a Y-shaped item, which could be a branch or twig, or it can be made of wood or metal … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Hunting Knives

a hunting knife with a wooden butt

According to various Archeological evidence, it is suggested that humans have been making knives or knives-like tools for over two and a half million years. The knives made back then were used for hunting and general utility. The Adam of all blades was the hand-axe, which can also be considered as a … Read more