How to Teach Puppies to Sleep Properly


Getting new puppies can be intriguing and exciting, yet daunting at the same time, particularly if you’ve never dealt with cute, little puppies before. It’s so enthralling to bring puppies home, play with them, embrace them and even feed them. However, this excitement is often tainted when you realize that getting a … Read more

Top 10 Best Dog Beds for Older Dogs


Like humans, dogs also experience health problems that accompany old age. Senior canines can be arthritic and may have hip and joint problems. They need extra care because they’re not as strong and as energetic as before, and providing a good quality bed can bring them comfort during their golden years. In … Read more

Guide to Picking a Dog Collar


If it’s your first time to have a pet dog, you might be having a challenging time choosing a dog collar for your new pet. Today, there are many dog collars to choose from and they vary in brands, designs, and materials. These variations make it even more confusing to pick one … Read more

A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Pets


Pets, just like humans, can also experience various medical conditions that can make them uncomfortable and sick.  And for pet owners, a situation like this shouldn’t be ignored but must be treated properly. In some cases just like for humans, essential oils might just do the trick.   What Is Essential Oil? … Read more

Guide to Pet Tracking Products and Services


Having pets at home is like having an extra family member and losing them can cause us panic and stress. When a family member gets lost, it’s easy to find them by just a simple phone call, but when a pet gets lost, it’s difficult for us to locate them. Today, we … Read more

How to Clean a Dog without Bathing?


Bath time is an activity despised by a lot of dogs. Plus, you don’t enjoy bathing them regularly either, since it’s either a hassle for you or it’s just really hard to bathe your dog because they won’t cooperate around water. However, you still need to keep your dog looking and feeling … Read more

Puppies and Their Need for Sleep

sleep training

Very much like a human baby, puppies need a large amount of sleep during the day as well as the night. The amount of sleep the puppy needs varies greatly between the vast amount of dog breeds. Some owners like to buy a crate for their puppies as it gives them more … Read more

Top 5 Hip and Joint Supplements for Horses


Health is an important concern to everyone. For those people who are having horses in their stable, they need to be worried regarding the health of their horses as well. For proper medication and health of your horses, you need to provide them with hip and joint supplements as well. The top … Read more

Useful Tips for Giving Your Cat Probiotics or Other Pills


Few pets are as beloved (or annoying) as cats, but one thing you must do for your cat is give it probiotics. They have short digestive tracts, which mean they have trouble breaking down some nutrients in their food. This can lead to health problems like constipation, diarrhea, weight gain, and irregular … Read more

What Your Rat’s Sleeping Position Really Means

What your rats sleeping position really means

Rats are social creatures by nature and will sleep in what I like to call ratty piles. Meaning if there are more than three rats in the cage they will all pile on top of each other or into a small bed together looking like they can barely breathe let alone be … Read more

The Best GPS Pet Trackers


Pet trackers are very helpful devices when it comes to finding lost pets and as well as in monitoring their activities. They help lessen our worries and keep us calm whenever our pets are out of our sights. One of the popular and best choice among the types of pet trackers are … Read more

The Best Radio Frequency Pet Trackers


Based on research, about 60 cats and dogs go missing every hour and it’s something that can be very stressful for pet owners. Most of us have pets like Silver Lab Puppies that have become part of the family. That’s why losing them can be traumatic as well, especially for children. Today, … Read more