The Guide to Paper Airplane Kits

What can be better for your kids than giving lesser screen time and more creative toys that spark their intelligence and triggers their interest in building things? Creative play is extremely beneficial for kids and adults alike. It enhances the motor skills, coordination of all senses, and mental capacity. Origami is also one of the leading creative games that have been around for decades. 

Remember how we used to build airplanes and ships out of paper? Making the paper boat sail in the bathtubs, swimming pools, or any water puddle is one of the earliest memories of most of the kids. Since, gradually we have left touch with most of the outdoor games and replaced them with the indoor ones, origami is still one of the creative games that can keep you and your kid engaged in a healthy activity. 

What is a Paper Airplane Kit?

Are you still bewildered about what this paper airplane kit is all about as you have never heard about it? Well, then you are in a big surprise that will leave you speechless. These origami kits for making paper airplanes come in various themes relating to action figures or hit movies like Star Wars. They contain a special origami book having colored pages for cutting out and building paper airplanes.

Some might also include pre-cut paper airplane models. Moreover, these kits come with an instruction manual to help the users in building various designs and models of the airplane. For most realistic feels, the kits also contain rubber band catapult that enables you to launch these airplanes with ultimate aerodynamic action just like a slingshot

Things to Consider When Buying Paper Airplane Kits

The paper airplane kits make up the best gifts ever. Kids love the colorful pages, and the special origami skill learning helps them stimulate their mind in unimaginable ways. You should consider the following points when buying a paper airplane kit:

Instructions Manual

Whether you are gifting a paper airplane kit to someone or getting it for your kid, make sure to check if it has an easy-to-understand but detailed instruction manual. This manual provides useful tips for beginners and helps the experienced ones in learning new skills and techniques. 

Fun Designs and Themes 

With numerous models and types available in the market, the paper airplane kits come with various attractive themes, such as flying dragons. The fun designs and themes help engross the kids more and spark their interest.


While these paper airplane kits are generally not as expensive as other toys, there are some models and designs that can cost you a lot. So, unless you or your kid is a die-hard fan of a particular theme or design, you should buy a paper airplane kit that does not cost you an arm and a leg.

Our Top Picks

Where to Buy
Cassidy Labs Best Paper Airplane on the Planet Craft Book Standard
Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit
Whoosh! Easy Paper Airplanes for Kids: Color, Fold, and Fly!
Flying Dragons Paper Airplane Kit by Sam Ita
The Ultimate Guide to Paper Airplanes
Jar Melo Amazing Origami Paper Airplane Kit
Next Generation Paper Airplanes Kit

1. Cassidy Labs Best Paper Airplane on the Planet Craft Book Standard

Consisting of 35 different sheets of origami papers that are also intelligently styled as attractive aerodynamic papers, this paper airplane kit is the best one out there. It includes a detailed manual outlining the instructions to make the perfect paper airplane. 

If you are already a master at making the best paper airplanes by the art of origami, then this kit will help you make amends to flying paper airplane correctly. The origami sheets in this kit have vibrant colors to make your paper airplanes more creative. 

2. Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit

Let your imagination go wild with this “Fold and Fly” paper airplane kit and the set of different stickers and create the best paper airplanes ever. The instructions are very easy to follow and can help sharpen your skills in making paper airplanes.

The kit also comes with a folding tool that helps you make neat folds without bent edges. All in all, if your kid is six or up, you can get this for him/her and lit his/her creativity unfold.

3. Whoosh! Easy Paper Airplanes for Kids: Color, Fold, and Fly!

Suitable for ages 3 to 7, this easy origami kit for making paper airplanes stimulates the mind while providing excellent creative play options. It includes 24 perforated pages that allow you to build a total of 24 planes, including space shuttles, princess planes, air rescue units, etc. along with standard airplanes. 

This kit, by Amy Naylor, doesn’t just include simple papers; instead, it combines the fun of coloring with the thrill of making your own paper airplanes. The kit also comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual. 

4. Flying Dragons Paper Airplane Kit by Sam Ita

This paper airplane kit by Sam Ita contains various sizes and designs of paper airplanes in the shape of flying dragons. Make your play more fun with these different paper airplanes with easy instructions and tips. 

The flying dragon paper airplanes in this kit are filled with colors and have a unique set of qualities according to their names and origins. The “Chinese Dragon” flies like a dart covering long distances in a blink of the eye! On the other hand, the Flying Shark glides smoothly across the room.

You or your child can create 48 exciting flying dragons in 12 different sizes and styles a lot for a little collection.

5. The Ultimate Guide to Paper Airplanes: 35 Amazing Step-By-Step Designs!

Groom the pilot in you along with polishing your origami skills with this ultimate guide to paper airplanes by Christopher L. Harbo. This paperback includes a detailed instruction manual. With proper lines to tuck and fold the paper airplanes like they are supposed to, this paper airplane kit is the dream kit for every kid and the kid inside your adult body. 

6. Jar Melo Amazing Origami Paper Airplane Kit

Equipped with high-quality square origami paper, the double-sided sheets in this paper airplane kit are an amazing addition to your kid’s toys and book collection. Whether your kid is a beginner at making paper airplanes or knows his/her way around things, this paper airplane kit is suitable for all. Enriched with vivid designs, the origami sheets in this kit also include a pilot with an airplane.

Let your child’s creativity take a new turn with these origami sheets that also have stickers for them to decorate their airplanes. The colorful paper airplanes help improve hands-on ability and boosts creativity. 

7. Next Generation Paper Airplanes Kit

For the most thrilling experience of flying colorful and tactfully engineered airplane designs, get this Next Generation paper airplanes kit by Sam Ita. It comes with a DVD that provides all the instructions for making amazing paper airplanes and flying them like a pro. This kit contains 56 pre-printed origami pages that fold up without any hassle and make up impressive airplanes.  

Final Words 

Creative play helps bring out the best creativity in kids and enable them to learn and master impressive motor skills. It is essential to provide our kids with plays that enhance their abilities and positively engage their minds. Get one of these paper airplane kits and let your kids remain engrossed in creative play for hours.