What Makes Aero Modeling Relevant Today?

When you think about aero modeling, you would often think about putting little pieces together in order to form a miniature airplane. While it’s true that it requires putting pieces together, aero modeling is an art, a hobby, and a passion for some.

When you think about it, it looks like aero modeling doesn’t play much sense in the world. After all, it’s just a mere hobby. However, this mere hobby that people usually refer to is a pivotal art that has transformed lives of the many. How? Read further to know what makes this hobby relevant in today’s world.

Aero modeling in the new normal

The global pandemic has brought forth a massive impact in the way we spend our days. Before the new normal, people were free to go outside, spend time with friends and colleagues, travel from one country to another, and so much more. Now, as the pandemic continues to threaten our health, we are forced to stay inside our homes—away from our friends, the countries we should have visited this year, and our outdoor hobbies.

But not aero modeling. This fine hobby can be pretty much enjoyed in the comfort of our homes. You can fly your model in your backyard or on the quiet street outside. This hobby also promotes inclusivity; it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and professions. In fact, aero modeling has sparked countless dreams of children to become pilots themselves!

Aero modeling inspires young, future pilots

At some point in our childhood times, our toys and books motivated us to become someone someday in the future. If you enjoy playing with a stethoscope and other medical supplies, chances are you dreamt of becoming a doctor. Perhaps you enjoy reading books about the solar system and the universe in general, then you may have wished of becoming an astronaut someday.

This also goes the same for aero modeling, may it be flying or non-flying models. Model aircraft are usually a replica of an existing model, usually aircraft that is rooted from the history of World War I and II. Flying models range from basic toy gliders made out of card stock, balsa wood, or foam polystyrene. Aircraft models inspire youngsters to become a pilot soon, or even grant their wishes of flying an airplane soon. Nevertheless, regardless of the model, using the model really inspires children to become a pilot soon.

Aero modeling keeps adults pre-occupied and relaxed

The pandemic has become taxing for us. We’re stuck in our homes, working for 8 hours, and doing our usual outdoor activities at home. Getting used to the new lifestyle may require some time, but adults can make it more worthwhile while enjoying a chill hobby like aero modeling.

Flying your aircraft gives you peace and a sense of relaxation you need after a stressful week, or when you need to bond with your kids.

The basics of aero modeling

Flying models look like scaled-down versions of full-scale aircraft, while others are built with no intention of looking like real aircraft. These models can be controlled through one of the following three methods:

Free flight or F/F – This model aircraft that has this type of control system requires no external control from the ground. It must be set up before the flight. Most F/F models are either unpowered or rubber-powered gliders.

Control line or C/L – This control system requires cables to tether a plane to a certain point, either held to a pole or by hand. The model aircraft is then flown around that certain point in circles. Two cables are usually utilized which tether the model and through a bellcrank connection to the elevator of the aircraft.

Radio-controlled aircraft – This type of control system includes a transmitter operated by a radio controller, which is the one that sends signals to a receiver inside the model, which translates into actual movements. Model aircraft that have this type of control system usually give you the feel of what it is really like to control the actual aircraft. If you are new to the whole hobby, we highly recommend going for RC aircraft models.


Now, with aero modeling, you can get creative and playful in the comfort of your own home!