Types of Model Aircraft You Can Fly

If you are a fan of scale modeling, building your own model kit is no doubt a satisfying experience; every time you glue the pieces together, you would get an incredibly relaxing and peaceful feeling. After you are finished working on your model kit, you could either put it on display or sell it to earn some quick bucks. Interestingly, there are many other activities you can do with your finished model aircraft. Instead of simply putting it on display or selling it online, some model aircraft are also capable of actually flying with the help of remote control. Drones are the perfect example of a flying device you can control with a remote.

The sense of achievement you feel every time you finished building your model aircraft is unmatched compared to when you get the chance to fly it. There are different types of model aircraft that are capable of flying, which are usually controlled by remote control. In this article, we are going to look into the various types of model aircraft you can fly.


A glider aircraft is one of the most basic forms of model planes capable of flying. Unlike other flying model aircraft, the glider is known for flying without the use of propulsion. From the name itself, a glider plane simply glides in the air with the help of its wings, taking advantage of slopes and thermals. You can control its wings with the help of remote control, wherein you could choose which direction it would go. A glider aircraft could vary in appearance and the materials used in its body; some glider planes come in wood, plastic, and polymer foams. Its size and weight could also vary, making significant changes in its performance.

Park Flyer

Unlike the glider, a park flyer is a type of remote-controlled model aircraft that uses propulsion to fly and move forward. It is an electric-powered device that you could also control with a remote. A park flyer has a simple appearance, usually with a lightweight body, allowing it to fly much easier. In addition to this, the park flyer is known for being the ideal model aircraft you could fly at the park, which is apparent from the name itself. The design and performance of a park flyer are perfect for open areas, such as parks, while the smaller version of a park flyer is known for being suitable in indoor venues. Interestingly, the park flyer is a much more affordable option if you are looking for a model aircraft that could help you start your remote-control flying hobby. Besides its incredibly low price, the park flyer is also easy to use, making it an excellent choice for beginners who are looking forward to starting their hobby. A park flyer is the perfect model aircraft where you could practice your RC flying skills.


Another type of model plane is the toy-class aircraft. A toy-class aircraft has several similarities with the common RC planes when it comes to looks. The unique characteristic of the toy-class aircraft is its performance. A toy-class airplane is known to be more stable and easier to control. In addition to this, the toy-class aircraft can only fly at lower altitudes compared to other model aircraft. A toy-class aircraft also has a lightweight body, along with a powerful battery to make it capable of flying long distances. The lightweight and durable body of a toy-class aircraft are what makes it easier to control and less prone to damages when crashing down.


Ornithopters are probably the most unique among other types of model aircraft. An ornithopter has a special way of flying, mainly by the use of flapping wings. This bird-like feature of the ornithopter is what attracts a lot of model aircraft enthusiasts since it is not the usual method of flying model planes. An ornithopter, also known as a flapping-wing model aircraft, is a fascinating plane that is known for replicating birds’ way of flying. It also comes in various designs that sometimes resemble the appearance of birds, butterflies, and so on. Just like other types of model aircraft, the ornithopter is powered by electricity, along with remote control.