What is Aeromodeling?

The world of aviation is home to different disciplines. All of these disciplines come together to design, create, and innovate new types of aircraft. Whether it may be real-life war aircraft or simply model aircraft, there is a lot more than what meets the eye. It is estimated that more than a million people are associated with aeromodelling, which is the heart and soul of aviation. By participating in aeromodelling, people represent ballooning, aerobatics, and gliding, etc.  Its also a great way to get children excited about science.

However, there is one disciple that catches the eye of many and that is aeromodelling. As unique as it sounds, aeromodelling is crucial to the aviation world. Let us discuss how along with other disciplines of flying in detail.


Aeromodelling is concerned with the design, building, and flying of model aircraft existing in different forms. There was a time when aeromodelling was just considered a hobby. Today it is one of the most popular and largest air sports in the world. If you were wondering about where aeromodelling took off, you need to trace it back to the Wright brothers who at their time used kits and model airfoils to test their controlled flight theories. Furthermore, aeromodelling is still very important today as it is used for theoretical work design before the final full-size aircraft goes into production.

In addition to that, the Academy of Model Aeronautics overlooks the sport of aeromodelling and represents more than 17,000 members and 2,500 model aviation clubs.

Other Aviation Disciplines


Aerobatics is a sport that is associated with the art and sport of flying an aircraft by performing extreme maneuvers in the air. The International Aerobatic Club exists to promote safe aerobatic flying in the USA and internationally. Furthermore, international competitions are held around the world as well. The IAC hands out awards and recognitions to individuals who display proficiency in aerobatic flight. In addition to that, the aerobatic competitions encourage and promote instructional programs to teach pilots and help them in becoming better at aerobatic flying.


Ballooning refers to any type of flight with a balloon and a gondola, which includes balloons that consist of both hot gas and hot air to fly. In the United States, The Balloon Federation of America oversees ballooning activities. It was established in 1961 as a confederation of three clubs. However, today it was over 70 clubs and 3,500 balloon pilots and crew. Furthermore, BFA provides training and guidance under professionals along with scheduling competitions at both regional and local levels.


Gliding or soaring refers to flying a model aircraft without anything powering it. Airborne gliders use lift to gain altitude and use only air to stay afloat. Moreover, they are launched by a winch, Bungy, or power plane. The Wrights brothers were the main reason behind the popularity of gliders since they completed their record-breaking flights in gliders. Therefore, gliders have been around since the 20th century.

The Soaring Society of America is responsible for handling gliding activity in the United States since 1932. With members topping over 11,000, the SSA still performs the same responsibilities, which includes promoting and fostering the gliding sport in the United States and the world.

Powered Paragliding & Paramotor Flying

Powered paragliding is the simplest flight sport, which does include any plane or windows, just you floating on air. Furthermore, the paraglider does not include a rigid structure and the pilot is suspended by lines. The pilot is clipped into a harness along with a motor as a backpack unit with a propeller. The propeller gives you thrust, allowing you to climb and fly whenever you want.

Final Words

Aeromodeling has significantly helped human beings to achieve unimaginable success in terms of aircraft innovation and development. Today, you have model aircraft that can be flown without a pilot for hours and will perform aerobatics no one ever knew they could. Due to this reason alone, aeromodelling will continue to break boundaries for years to come.