How to Preserve and Display Your Model Aircraft

If you’re into aeromodelling or building model planes, you surely value and are proud of each model aircraft you have. With that, it only fits that you get to preserve and display them as safely as possible. Fortunately, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, preserving and exhibiting your collection is a breeze, given that you have the proper knowledge. To help out, we’ve collated some of the best tips on how you could model planes and ensure that they will be in excellent condition for years!

Make an inventory

Having an inventory of your model plane collection can be very beneficial in a lot of ways. First, you get to record all of your planes, know which are on display, determine which are in your storage, and see if anything is missing. Plus, it also serves as an excellent way to collect thorough information on each model and access it whenever needed.

In creating an inventory, it is best to take a picture of each item and keep the photos in a scrapbook to protect the image’s quality. Assign each model as a specific number, and store information about the planes, preferably on a spreadsheet. Use the numbers as a reference, and write all essential details about the plane, from the model, materials used, creation date, and storage or display location. Update your inventory as your collection continue to grow through time.

Prepare models for storage

Proper preparation is a crucial factor when storing model aircraft and ensuring that you preserve their original condition. First, you need to clean the modes to free them off from any debris that can damage them in the long run. Make sure to vacuum all the dirt first, then use a damp cloth or one with a PH neutral, delicate, synthetic soap for cleaning. Never use chemicals, such as adhesives or solvents, as they can significantly harm your plane. It is commonly unnoticeable, but there will always be a certain amount of the chemicals left, even if you wipe them off.

Cover your model aircraft well

After cleaning, it’s time to cover your models to avoid dust and sunlight from wreaking havoc. Deviate from using bubble-wrap, foam, and newspapers as these materials can also damage your model aircraft as they deteriorate. Instead, use acid-free ones like acid-free tissue papers or linen muslin wraps to cover and protect your model airplanes.

Select the proper storage unit

Now that you’ve wrapped those model airplanes up for storage, it is also essential that you place them on acid-free tub or boxes. If you don’t have one, you can use plastic container units as an alternative, but line it with linen muslin fabric for your model airplanes’ protection. Drying or silica gels are also great additions that can help veer away moisture from building up and from damaging your valued collection. Once done, place the container at least six inches from the ground to avoid bugs from getting in, and minimize the possibility of your storage unit getting flood damage.

Have a dedicate room for display

So you’re down with the cool model aircraft you want to display, but where exactly should you exhibit them? The best way to go about this is by having a particular room dedicated to your collection. By doing so, you get to control over sunlight that may come in and regulate the temperature inside the room. Remember, most models use organic-based materials, such as tissue and balsa, which reacts to movements in temperature, leading to your model airplanes’ model through time. Moreover, having a room means getting the opportunity to customize it, install shelves, add PVC racks, or mount your model planes on the wall to showcase their beauty further. After all, they are meant to be adored and appreciated on this display!


That’s are the best tips on how you could preserve and model aircraft. Just make to devote effort and gain the proper discipline towards taking care of your collection – they undoubtedly last a long time.