Making Robotics Student Friendly

Many people are intrigued by robots, especially kids and students, as it fascinates and attracts them so much. We can take advantage of that by programming robots, which can help them how to code. In addition to that, robots can help them learn more about technology and robotics while performing designed tasks.

Due to the increasing need for technology, robots have become widespread, especially in manufacturing works. Robotics is now being considered a General Purpose Technology (GPT). It has now become critical to learn about robotics as it will play a vital role in our lives in the future and will continue to progress even more.

Easy Robotics Products for Students

Where to Buy
Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, Homeschool, Coding Robot for Kids, STEM Toy, Programming for Kids, Ages 5+
AT27clekca Football Robot Smart Toys Smart USB RC Robot Fighting Football Soccer Singing Dancing Educational Interactive Early Learning Toy for Birthday Kids Gift Boy & Girl
UCTRONICS Smart Bluetooth Robot Car Kit - Board for Arduino UNO R3, Line Tracking, Ultrasonic Sensor, HC-05 Bluetooth, L239D Motor Shield, IR Remote Control, Mobile APP - Charger Included
Elenco Teach Tech “Robotic Arm Wire Controlled”, Robotic Arm Kit, STEM Building Toys for Kids 12+
YITOOK Robot Toys for Kids - Rc Smart Programmable Remote Control Robots Rechargeable with Gesture Sensing,Walking,Talking,Singing,Dancing - Intelligent Toy Gift for Boys Girls (Blue)
Artec Educational Obstacle Avoiding Robot
4M Tin Can Edge Detector Robot - DIY Science Construction Stem Toy For Kids & Teens
1 Piece Flame Sensor Module Analog Digital Dual Output Fire Extinguishing Robot
LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander 75253 Star Wars Droid Building Set with R2 D2 Robot Toy for Kids to Learn to Code (1,177 Pieces)


There are many robotic products that you can buy to help teach students about robots. Some of the best easy robotics products for students are mentioned below:

1. Botley the Coding Robot

Botley is a fun robot kit that teaches not only coding but also STEM to students and kids as they play and have fun with the robot. It has many advanced features that can be programmed to follow commands, instructions, move around, etc.

The kit includes 77 pieces, including a remote programmer, a detachable robot arm, 40 coding cards, six two-faced tiles, and 27 building obstacles. The best thing about Botley is that you don’t need a smartphone app or a computer to control it as it comes with a remote programmer to do the job quite conveniently.

2. Soccer Playing Robot

Everybody likes to play soccer these days but playing soccer with your robot is a lot cooler than playing it with your friends.

The soccer-playing robot is one of the most popular products that you can buy for your kids or use as a student to show your geeky skills at the school’s science funfair. It is quite easy and simple to make, and you can also control it with your smartphone. The programming of the robot is with PictoBlox, which is the kid-friendly graphical programming software, making it easier for young students to understand more about coding.

You can also buy AT27clekca Football Robot Smart Toy if you want to play soccer with your friends – not with your feet but robots’. These cool bots can sing, dance, and demonstrate kicking.

3. Line Following Robot

A line following robot is one of the best student learning oriented robots as it will look for you even if it doesn’t know who you are, and no matter what happens, it will find you. It doesn’t spare anything that comes in its way; hence collisions are to be expected.

The line tracking robot is a popular robotics project for students as it helps them learn the basics of sensors and autonomous robots. The programs for controlling the robot are written in Arduino IDE, programming software based on Java, C, and C++. You can also use your smartphone to control this line following robot by using an app called Dabble.

4. Pick and Place Robot

A pick and place robot is perfect for your misc. tasks where a hand is required. It is fun and easy to build. With the help of Pictoblox programming software, you can program it easily just the way you want. One example of such robots is the Elenco Teach Tech “Robotic Arm Wire Controlled,” Robotic Arm Kit. It is a robotic arm that can rotate, grab objects, and move them.

5. Gesture Control Robot

You probably have seen robots that are mostly controlled by your smartphone, but this one is unique as it uses your hand gestures to move around. When you bring your hand forward, the robot comes forth. Similarly, when you hold it back, it also goes back.

This robot teaches students how to program gestures and other kinds of movements by programming. What makes it student-friendly is that you can program it the way you want and choose from the 50 actions it can perform. In short, it is a standing robot that can walk, talk, run, and extend his hands.

6. Obstacle Avoiding Robot

A robot is similar to a line following robot, but there is a difference between the two. The line robot follows something or someone until an obstacle comes in its way. On the other hand, the obstacle avoiding robot will make its way around it, arriving at the desired location upon impact.

Students can learn more about navigation systems from an educational robot, such as the Artec Obstacle-avoiding Robot. Moreover, they can learn how to program a robot to avoid, detect obstacles, and working past them, all by the use of codes.

7. Edge Detection Robot

An edge detection robot doesn’t fall off because it can detect the edges of the table and change its direction. 4M Tin Can Edge Detector Robotuses IR sensors to detect the edges and then sends the data to the microcontroller to change its direction.Students can also program it by simple drag and drop programming.

It utilizes the combination of Arduino, IR sensors, and BO motors to process the environment and act accordingly based on where the robot is place. Students will get all the necessary parts in the kit, and they would have to build a robot using a clean, empty soft drink can, a screwdriver, and one AAA battery.

8. Fire Extinguishing Robot

You can tell by the name that it detects and puts outthe fire. This robot can detect fire from far off locations with the help of flame sensors, and then after finding it, rushes towards it to blow it off. Moreover, it can also sense fire with the help of IR sensors.

Students can build a fire extinguishing robot using this analog/digital dual output module. Once you have designed a practical robot, this module will help control different tasks, such as sensing fire and puttingit out. Furthermore, this robot also teaches that coding can save lives and can be used for the good of people.

9. Lego Boost Robot

This is the most widely used and easy robotics products for students. It comes with a kit that is best for teaching students more about robots and how to code. The Lego-Boost features easy block programming, which students can figure out without hassle, just by looking at the blocks and following instructions.

The kit comes with three brick-built Lego Star Wars bots that can perform more than 40 interactive missions. The components include a motor, a light/IR sensor, and a Bluetooth Move Hub, which is the central processing unit of the robot. The move hub can be connected via Bluetooth to a laptop, phone, or tablet to send and receive programming codes for the robot.

The Lego Boost kit also comes with a smartphone app called Boost, which is very interactive and easy to learn. It helps make programming easy for students so they can easily understand the basics of coding and programming with graphic instructions.

Robotics is Easy for Students

Robots are advanced machines that can be programmed to do any desired task. There are several programmable robotic kits for students available in the market (mentioned above) thatcan helpthem learn about the field of robotics, along with the knowledge of coding.

Teachingstudents about robots, with hand-on experience, will not only polish their analytical skills but will also help them learn faster. Tech companies have made it easier for people to learn more about coding by developing new and advanced interfaces. Therefore, teaching kids about robots and the field of robotics is a good idea. It is a very creative and innovative approach, as it will not only improve their IQ levelbut also encourage them to get into the field of programming and robotics.