Introduction and Guide to Window Cleaning Robots

Whether you live in a house or in an apartment of a building complex, smudgy and filthy windows are something no homeowner can escape from. Even if you regularly clean the glass from the inside, the dirt and filth settles on the outside, making the window appear dirty again. 

Window cleaning is a  tedious task and can even become dangerous when you attempt to clean the outer surface of the window. Imagine washing the windows of your 10th floor apartment. Risky, right?

That’s why many homeowners resort to waiting for the rain to wash their dirty windows. Fortunately, technological advancements have found a quick and safer solution to this problem. Just like we have dishwashers to do the dishes, washing machines to do the laundry, coffee makers for brewing coffee, and robotic vacuum cleaners to sweep the floors, technology has also provided us with window cleaning robots to keep our windows squeaky clean.

These automatic window cleaners have slowly yet steadily gained popularity over the recent years. So what is a window cleaning bot and how does it work? Let’s find out. 

What is a Window Cleaning Robot and How Does it Work? 

Man setting up an automatic window cleaner to start washing the glass panes

A window cleaning robot is an advanced, autonomous machine designed to clean your windows. It is fitted with a squeegee or microfiber pads to scrub and clean the glass. A water hose also connects to the device supplying it with water for washing purposes. This little guy can wash both the inside and outside of your window, even the ones that are hard to reach. It slowly moves from one end of the window to the opposite end, cleaning the glass as it goes.

This automatic window cleaner works using the latest cleaning technology. A motor-powered suction or magnetic attraction enables it to stick to the glass of your window. Once it’s firmly attached, it starts moving using a set of wheels or tracks. As it moves, the squeegee vibrates or the microfiber pads also start spinning.

The bot sprays some water on the glass to soften the buildup, while the cleaning pads scrub the surface to remove it. The cleaner moves from end to end, cleaning the entire window. It does so very efficiently, without leaving any streaks behind. Once the robotic window cleaner has completed the task, it will sound an alert to let you know. 

How to Choose a Good Robotic Window Cleaner? 

underside of a robotic window cleaner 

Window cleaning bots come in both basic and advanced variations. A basic model will do all the things mentioned above, but an advanced model will do them more efficiently. They are equipped with more useful features, such as automated sprayers, reservoirs to hold cleaning solutions, and advanced route planning for better performance. Here is how you should choose a window cleaning robot for yourself.


Robot window cleaners are not compatible with all types of windows. Windows which are small, circular or unusually designed may not be suitable for robots to clean. They are best suited for large, wide and extra tall windows that are either square or rectangular in shape. 

When choosing a robotic window cleaner, be sure to pay attention to what your windows look like. If they are different from standard windows, it’s best to clean them manually. 

Power Source 

The next thing you’ll want to check is how the cleaning robot is powered. Many automatic window cleaners get electricity from the power cord that plugs into an electrical outlet. Others are equipped with rechargeable battery packs that supply them with sufficient power for operation. 

If you choose a plug-in model, ensure that your cord is long enough to reach all your window parts that need to be cleaned. And, if you go with a battery-operated model, make sure it stays charged long enough to clean a window completely. So if you have long and wide windows, be sure to choose a model with a long battery life. 

Suction or Magnetic Attachment

A robotic window cleaner stays on the window using a motor-powered suction or a magnetic attraction. For a robot with motor-powered suction, you only need to place the robot on the window and the suction keeps it in place. However, this connection is weak and may fail sometimes, so you may need a safety cord as an added precaution. Magnetic connectivity, on the other hand, requires attaching a magnetic piece on the opposite side of the window to secure the window cleaning bot.


Window cleaning robots come with a remote control option, automated controls, or a combination of both. These control options give you the convenience of simply sitting back while the robot does its job. Window cleaner robots that offer you both control options are more versatile, but they also cost more.

Cleaning Tools and Features 

A majority of window cleaning robots use brushes and cleaning pads to clean dirty windows. The number of brushes and cleaning pads a robot has depends on the model. Some offer extra features like drying with the use of squeegee. Others may also have brushes for cleaning other surfaces like mirrors, doors, and shower walls. Choose a window cleaner that can meet your needs efficiently as it does not make financial sense to spend money on features you won’t use. 

Benefits of Using an Automatic Window Cleaner

An automatic window cleaner doing its job

Robotic window cleaners hold a significant advantage over traditional window cleaning methods. They can clean automatically, efficiently, and safely, that too, without your intervention. Following are the main benefits of using an automatic window cleaner. 

A Safer Way To Clean Windows 

Traditionally, if you want to wash a window, you’ll need a bucket of water, cleaning solution, and sponge to get it done. Not to forget the mess left behind afterwards. These days it’s about spraying some and wiping with an old newspaper. With a window cleaning robot, you don’t have to do this much. Simply turn it on and it’ll start working its way across your window. 

These window cleaning bots have sensors that map out your entire window and clean it thoroughly without missing any spot, including otherwise hard to reach areas. 

Require Minimal Effort 

Operating a robotic window cleaner is very easy. These machines are quite lightweight, so you can easily pick one up and attach it to your window. They have sensors that enable it to differentiate between glass and window edges, so they don’t go off the edge even when cleaning an edgeless window. 

Leave Behind No Streaks

How often have you tried to clean a window, only to leave behind a web of unattractive streaks? They become clearer as soon as sunlight hits the window. But with a window cleaning robot, you don’t have to worry about this. They don’t leave behind any streaks with their zigzag movements.

Clean Hard To Reach Windows 

Every home has at least one hard to reach window, cleaning which is usually a challenge. A window cleaning bot can help you clean that window quickly and efficiently. Simply set it up on its edge and the robot will work its way around the surface leaving it clean and sparkly. 

Save Time 

With their busy schedules, most homeowners don’t have time to handle daily household chores, let alone the occasional ones such as window cleaning. A robotic window cleaner is the perfect solution for this problem. All you have to do is set it up and it will handle the rest. Once it has finished cleaning one window, it will sound an alert to let you know, so you can move it to another window. 


A window cleaning robot is a useful household device. It helps you keep your windows clean and sparkly, without any streaks. You can use it to clean the windows from inside and outside too. It clings to the glass surface of the window with motor-powered suction or magnetic attraction.

As a safety precaution, you can also install a safety cord to prevent it from falling down. As these robotic cleaners are gaining popularity, newer and better models are sprouting. When you head out to purchase an automatic window cleaner for yourself, be sure to check its compatibility with your windows, power source, control options, and cleaning tools. This will help you pick up the right one for your unique needs.