Introduction and Guide to Window Cleaning Robots

With your busy schedule, you might have no time anymore to clean your house thoroughly, let alone your windows. When most of us come back home from work exhausted, we only want to spend our free time with our kids and partners. Who will do the house work for us? Hiring a house helper can be convenient, but you must provide enough compensation and benefits for them. Finding someone you can trust would be hard.

Now, automatic machines can help us prepare waffles, coffee, do the dishes, wash our clothes and clean our floors. Because of the rise of robotics, new robot designs and types are being developed each year. If there are robot vacuums that can automatically clean your floor, there are also robots that can clean your windows on its own. You might think, do you really need it? But if you own a big house with lots of windows (especially tall windows) to clean, these robots will do exceptional work. They make it easy to clean outdoor and indoor windows, including those that are too high or are difficult to access.

A robotic window cleaner can clean a whole window from edge to edge with ease, allowing you to effectively clean high, out-of-reach windows. It combines automated movement with window cleaning technology and suction. When looking for the best window cleaning robot for your home, here are the considerations to keep in mind:

Size of windows

Not all robot cleaners are great for all types of windows. Some windows, such as small ones, circular or unusually designed are not suitable to use robots for cleaning. It’s best to use robot cleaners only for large, wide and extra tall windows that are either square or rectangular in shape. Large and wide windows may require scaffolding to be washed and wiped manually, so robot cleaners will remove this hassle. Cleaning very high windows and its hard-to-reach areas is dangerous, and robot cleaners can save you a lot of risks.

Battery life

Usually, window washing robots have a battery life that allows them to clean for about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the model. The more and larger windows you have, the more important having a longer battery life is. But oftentimes, the battery serves as a backup, as most window cleaning robots are powered by plugging it into an outlet.

Suction or magnetic connectivity

For a robot window cleaner to stay on the windows and prevent it from falling, it uses two main types of connectivity: motor-powered suction and magnetic connectivity. For a robot with motor-powered suction, you only need to place the robot on the window and the suction keeps it in place. But this connection may fail sometimes, so you may need a safety cord. Magnetic connectivity, on the other hand, requires attaching a magnetic piece on the opposite side of the window.

Remote controls and automated cleaning

Window cleaning robots may come with remote controls, automated options, or both. These gives you the convenience of simply sitting back while your robot does its job. For those robots that offer you both options are more versatile, but they can cost more.

Cleaning tools and features

A lot of window cleaning robots use brushes and cleaning pads to clean. The number of brushes and cleaning pads a robot has depends on the model. Some offers other features like drying with the use of squeegee. Some may also feature brushes for cleaning other surfaces like mirrors, doors and shower walls. Choose a window cleaner that can suit your needs accordingly. Also, it’s recommendable to choose a model whose spare parts like cleaning pads are available in your nearest store or accepts generic cleaning pads.

Power cord length

Most window cleaner robots have power cords connected to them, so it’s best to ensure that your cord is long enough to reach all your window parts that need to be cleaned. A lot of window cleaners come with at least 15 ft. of cable and some even comes with extensions included in the bundle.

Best window cleaning robots

Choosing a window cleaning robot can be overwhelming, but here are some of the best that are worth considering:

Where to Buy
Alfawise S60
Ecovacs WINBOT W710
Ecovacs WINBOT W830
Ecovacs WINBOT W730
Ecovacs WINBOT W950
Cop Rose X4
Ecovacs WINBOT W930
Cop Rose X6


1. Alfawise S60

Alfawise S60 has a smart window cleaning system as it comes with a built-in AI technology that can identify window frames and obstacles. It can plan its optimal cleaning path for efficiency. This robot is a magnetic window cleaning robot, so it uses internal electromagnetism to cling on to metallic cleaning surfaces. It cleans by combining power suction to remove any type of dirt and an effective wiping system to clean the surface thoroughly. It can be powered by plugging it in an AC outlet, but it also has a backup battery so it can continue to work even during sudden power outage. You can control it with its remote control, which has a power button and directional arrows. It comes with high-quality absorbent pad to make your windows streak-free and crystal clear, and it also avoid frames automatically while it moves. And besides cleaning windows, it can also clean countertops and hard-surface floors.

2. Ecovacs WINBOT W710

A reasonably-priced window cleaning robot, the Ecovacs Winbot W710 gives you a relatively cheaper robot cleaner option. It features a three-stage cleaning process: it uses a spray cleaning solution, the squeegee effect, and drying the window using cleaning pad. Because of it makes its own cleaning path, it can map out your window panes itself to identify the best cleaning path, while cleaning even the edges. It has a powerful suction that can keep itself attached to a window. It also comes with a real-time error reading, as it easily displays error messages on its display interface, saving you some hassles in diagnosing and troubleshooting. Plus, its elegant covering and nice square shape makes it attractive.

3. Ecovacs WINBOT W830

You will see a lot of Ecovacs Winbot models in this list, because Ecovacs is a well-known supplier of auto cleaning robots. The Winbot W830 is a high-powered model that has enough suction power to keep itself adhered tightly to windows. This suction also enables the robot to perform its three-step cleaning process. It’s equipped with a Pathfinder Navigation Technology that uses radio waves to detect edges and obstacles while cleaning. It works very well on different types of glass, such as frosted to colored to tinted windows, as well as Thermopane and textured glass. To prevent it from falling, the bot also comes with a safety suction pod and tether, making it safe even for high-rise windows. This robot can be controlled using a remote control.

4. Ecovacs WINBOT W730

The Ecovacs Winbot W730 is a compact and simple automatic cleaning robot that is made for cleaning indoor surfaces. It has a two-stage cleaning process: using two cleaning pads and a squeegee. Its sticks to the glass using motor-powered suction system, but be careful as it is not preferable for concave windows. It cleans plain, textured, rough and frosted glass, as well as other surfaces like tiles, marble and granite. It doesn’t run on batteries, but it comes with extension cords that allow you to clean windows of different heights. The great thing about this robot is that it can clean windows automatically just a touch of a button.

5. Ecovacs WINBOT W950

With advanced technologies for smart window cleaning, the Ecovacs Winbot W950 is equipped with a SMART DRIVE cleaning system for a highly efficient clean. This technology enables the robot to rotate 90 degrees, improving cleaning effectiveness and leaving the cleaning pad stationary. It has a 4-stage cleaning process that involves squeegees and wipes in every direction, helping you to leave the windows fully streak-free and sparkling clean. It works with a powerful suction fan to keep the bot attached to the glass and to give a firmer wipe of cleaning cloths. Besides the powerful suction, it also offers a safety suction pod and tether to prevent falls. It is powered by plugging it into an AC socket but it comes with a backup battery as well. This robot can clean different glass types such as framed, frameless, frosted, colored, tinted, filmed, glass with decals.

6. Cop Rose X4

If you’re looking for an automatic window cleaner that can clean any other surface as well, then the Cop Rose X4 is for you. This robot can clean different types of windows such as plain, filmed, textured, frosted, framed and frameless glass. Besides windows, it can also be used to clean other surfaces like tiles and wooden desks. Featuring the Smart Move Navigation technology, it operates in three steps, creates its own cleaning path and smartly avoids obstacles. You can operate this robot via a remote control. It automatically stops when it’s done cleaning, preventing energy wastage. It comes with 12 washable microfiber cleaning cloths that you can reuse.

7. Ecovacs WINBOT W930

In the line of Ecovac’s Winbot models, the W930 is the smartest. It has a built-in Smart Drive technology that enables fast and thorough cleaning of windows – with the least resistance to clean the surface – while smartly avoiding obstacles while cleaning. Its 4-stage cleaning system makes use of squeegees and wipes efficiently. It can handle all types of surfaces with the help of its powerful suction pump and heavy-duty cleaning pads. Speaking of its suction, this robot is equipped with dual suction rings that seal in the robot to the glass. The Winbot standard of safety, such as the edge detection technology that keeps it from going over any edges, and safety system that comes with a safety suction pod and tether, is equipped with this model.

8. Cop Rose X6

The Cop Rose X6 is a robot window cleaner that can be used ideally for tall and frameless windows, making it suitable as well for cleaning windows in tall buildings. But it’s also capable of cleaning other types of windows as well, plus other surfaces like marble, granite, wood and tiles. It has two, highly-efficient cleaning modes. It can be powered by plugging in or by using its backup battery that can work for 30 minutes. It has smart pressure sensors that monitors pressure conditions and has battery and light indicators to let you know the status of the robot. This cleaner even comes with a built-in laser sensor that maps out the areas it plans to clean, and features a safety rope that prevents it from falling off and breaking.