Robot Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Technology has undoubtedly come a long way, from the development of laptops to the introduction of the smartphone; all of these inventions have made life easier for us daily.

It is also interesting to see that the advancement of technology has made its way to different fields and branches of science. In medicine, robots that can perform surgeries using a human-controlled apparatus or even on their own are becoming prominent in high-end hospitals. In astronomy, people have developed ways for space rocket launcher parts to be reusable, reducing the costs of planning space missions and launching rockets outside the Earth.

However, what is often overlooked is technology’s influence on the learning and education of children. In the present time, companies have manufactured toy robots that can teach children math, science, and speaking skills. What were once lifeless robots that can only move using a child’s imagination is now able to teach them necessary skills like human teachers.

Although toy robots still can’t replace school teachers since they can’t offer more than what they are programmed to do, they are used to continue the learning process of children at home while they are also enjoying their leisure time.

There are many robot toys and kits available in the market today, but these are some of the best toy robots that you can present as a gift this holiday season to your loved ones.

Where to Buy
ECHEERS Dancebot
LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox
Anki Cozmo
Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set
Sphero BB-8 Droid


1. ECHEERS Dancebot

ECHEERS’ Dancebot is the simplest toy robot in this list, which makes it an excellent gateway for kids to start learning the intricacies of robots.

It has a unique function to interpret the music coming out of any speakers, and it will start dancing to the rhythm of the music once it fully recognizes the audio. If your child is at home and doesn’t have anyone to dance with while his or her favorite song is playing, the Dancebot can serve as the perfect partner for them not only because it dances with the beat of the music, but also because it has several expressions that it shows through body language that your child will surely smile or laugh at.

In addition, the Dancebot can play your child’s tunes because of its integrated speaker. This speaker can be turned on by connecting your smartphone to the robot via Bluetooth, and once you’ve chosen a song, it will automatically play it.

Because of its ability to play music as a speaker, the Dancebot can be a learning tool for your children if you play stories, nursery rhymes, or engaging lessons using your smartphone.

The ECHEERS Dancebot comes in three colors, which are blue, red, and living coral.

2. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

After describing the simplest toy robot, we now have the most sophisticated robot on the list, the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox. This toy is perfect for parents who want their kids to build sets that enhance their thinking skills while also being able to enjoy it as a moveable toy using technology.

The Lego BOOST Creative Toolbox has 847 LEGO pieces that children can use to build five different models that get progressively difficult to assemble. The first model and the easiest to make is Vernie the Robot, the start of the toolbox itself that moves around, dances to music, and talks to its builder. The second model is Frankie the Cat, while the third one is the Guitar 4000, an interesting model that kids can program to produce sound effects. The fourth model is the M.T.R.4 is a vehicle that has four different tools that can be used for various purposes. The last model is the Auto Builder, a contraption that can be programmed to build mini LEGO models.

In regards to programming the models to perform its functions, this can be done by downloading the free LEGO Boost app on your child’s tablet. The app allows your child to code what the LEGO robot will do on the table or the floor.

The one downside to buying the LEGO Toolbox is that it requires six AAA batteries, which are not included in the robot kit itself, so you would have to purchase the batteries separately.

3. Anki Cozmo

The Anki Cozmo is a fork lifter-like robot that has more than fifty gears and four motors that make it move on its own.

The black screen located in its head can display different eye expressions that make the robot have a unique personality. Along with the eye expressions, the black screen also has a 30fps VGA camera inside it that your children can utilize to see what Cozmo sees by activating Explorer Mode that is found in the product’s free downloadable app.

Explorer Mode also lets Cozmo move on its own so your child can watch Cozmo play with the cubes that are included with the robot. These cubes can also be programmed with the app to act as a puzzle game that your child and Cozmo will solve together.

The Anki Cozmo can be bought in three colorways. The common colorway is red and white, while the limited edition colors are black and interstellar blue.

4. Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Botley the Coding Robot is the invention of Learning Resources that serves as a good entry point for learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as it teaches children coding and building.

Unlike most toy robots on this list, Botley the Coding Robot doesn’t need an app to operate fully since the product comes with a remote controller.

The robot also comes with six tiles that can be used to guide the robot where it needs to go. If you flip the colorful tiles to its other side, you will notice that there are black lines printed on a white background. Botley can detect these black lines and follow them no matter how the lines are drawn. Once your children tested the black line mechanic of Botley using the tiles, they can draw black lines on a piece of paper using a sharpie, and Botley can follow the lines as well.

The robot’s movements can be programmed for up to 120 steps, and it can detect if an object is on his way. It can pick up objects blocking its path if the robot is coded to do so.

Also, parents can buy the Action Challenge Accessory Set for their children to discover other functions that Botley can do.

5. Sphero BB-8 Droid

The holiday season is also the Star Wars season for kids in 2019 as the last installment in the new Star Wars trilogy, Rise of the Skywalker, hits theaters in December. As such, the perfect gift for fans of the Star Wars franchise is Sphero’s BB-8 Droid toy robot.

The BB-8 droid is a simple toy that can be activated using a free app on your smartphone or tablet. This app allows the droid to do three functions. 

First, there is the Drive Mode wherein you can control the droid itself using the joystick on your smart device’s screen. The second function is the Message Mode, where BB-8 play holographic messages seen in the Star Wars movies. The last feature is the Patrol Mode, which allows BB-8 to move on its own and explore around the room. BB-8 can detect and avoid objects in its path, and it also has a durable shell that will make it survive accidental falls or drops.

All in all, these toy robots will genuinely bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces as they are fun and enjoyable to interact and play with. Robots are one of the best toys to give to kids since they have more features than other toys, and they are also accessible at any price point.