Why Do You Need Lights for Your Boat?

Boat lights are there to help you navigate properly at night or during times when visibility is restricted. These boat lights also alert other boaters of your presence to avoid a collision. They provide you with safety and security throughout your trip.

If you own a boat, it is required to have boat lights as part of the boating rules. Whether you own a small or big boat, you must follow the law to avoid violations. There will be consequences if you take it for granted.

There are benefits to installing boat lights, especially when driving at night. Here are some advantages of having boat lights.

Help You Navigate at Night

Nobody likes to drive in the dark, especially on the water. Boat lights guide the boaters through their journey. They are means of communication used by the boaters. They help you navigate properly at night and when visibility is low. The boat lights you in your direction and lets you have smooth sailing.

Provide Boaters Safety

It is significant to keep the boaters safe during the whole course. You want to see and be seen by other boaters. You also want to be aware of the things around you. This way, accidents are avoided. 

The safety of the boaters is the priority.

Avoid Boating Violations

Boat lights are crucial, especially if you’re boating at night. Boat owners are required to show proper navigation lights. It will prevent you from violating the boating rules. 

Boat lights ensure your safety and protection.

Types of Boat Lights

Every boat sends a particular message through boat lights. And each type of boat has different guidelines to follow. Here are the types of boat lights and their placements that every boat owner should know.

Navigation Lights

Group of friends relaxing on a boat cruise

Navigation lights have four classifications. They show your position to other boaters. And they are switched on between sunset and sunrise and during limited visibility. 

Navigation lights are mandated. Boat owners should not ignore it.

  • Sidelights – The sidelights are red and green lights. The red light is on the left side and indicates the boat’s port side, while the green light is on the right side and shows the vessel’s starboard side.
  • Stern Light – The stern light is white. It is on the back part and lowest altitude of the boat.
  • Masthead Light – The masthead light is white and placed on the top front part of the vessel and beams forward and to the sides. 
  • All-Round Light – The all-round light is white and placed on the stern, mast, or any part of the boat. It can function as the vessel’s anchor light.

Dock Lights

Dock lights are significant at night. They guide you on where to move your boat. They light up the dock for better vision when docking your boat. They are easy to install on concrete or wood posts. And they are powered by cost-effective solar energy.

Dock lights give warm feelings whenever you step on the dock. They serve as lights whenever you want to spend time with your family and friends. And during your alone time outdoors, they provide you with good lighting. 

Underwater Lights

Most people choose to use underwater lights for their boats. They are ideal for those who sail and fish at night. They provide more light and visibility in the water. They let you see underwater.

Underwater lights are pleasant to the eyes, especially when having a party with family and friends. You won’t have to worry about not having enough light in the water, especially when going for a swim.

Flood and Spreader Lights

These flood lights are usually seen on the console and near the control area. Meanwhile, the spreader lights are on the spreaders of the boat’s mast. They provide more brightness to the boat’s front. And let you see what’s ahead of you.

These lights are cost-effective and easy to access. They do not require much energy from your boat. These lights are ideal for a gathering of friends and family. 

They brighten the boat’s surroundings. And make you feel safe even at night.

Strip and Under Gunnel Lights

Strip and gunnel lights add more brightness and style to your boat. They will illuminate the inside part of your boat. And they also provide safety and prevent accidents like slipping and tripping on something.

These lights come in different colors and designs. They are in light rope form and do not take up much of the boat’s space. They are also easy to install in and out of your boat. Your boat will have identity and uniqueness. They do not use much of your boat’s energy.

Courtesy Lights

Sailing boat decorated and illuminated for christmas, syros island, Greece

These types of lights add illumination to your boat. You can mount them on the deck, on stairs, under the seats, and on walkways. Your boat will have sufficient light, and they do not take up much space. 

They are also cost-effective and a good investment. You will enjoy them for a long time. You will get your money’s worth.

Recessed Lights

Recessed boat lights are ideal for the interior part of your boat. They provide more light and make your boat lively. They are installed directly inside the ceiling and other surfaces. 

They are LED lights that will help you conserve power. They are a good investment and will give style to your boat.

In conclusion, these boat lights are essential. They provide the boater safety throughout the sail. They are means of communication with other boaters on the water. Boat lights serve as a guide to help you navigate at night and during heavy rain, snow, and fog. They determine your position and other boaters’ position to avoid a collision.

They are a great source of light inside and outside your boat. They give you a sense of identity through your preferred light colors. They are cost-effective and a good investment. They are also easy to install and operate.

Boat owners are required to install navigation boat lights. This way, boaters are safe and well-guided. Whatever type of boat lights you prefer, it is crucial to follow the rules and regulations when sailing your boat.