Why Do You Need Lights for Your Boat?

Have you ever gone boating to the ocean at night? How does it look? Doesn’t it look deep, dark, and larger than anything you have ever seen? That’s because it is. No matter how beautiful and enchanting this experience seems to you, it can turn into a horrific nightmare in no time without boat lights. Not that we are trying to scare you or anything, but boat accidents at nighttime are more common than you think.

These accidents can occur due to a couple of reasons; one of the most popular being the absence of boat lights. In these cases, the boat driver is either untrained or driving without any boat navigation lights. These accidents can be highly fatal and lead to serious personnel and property damage.

Benefits of Boat Lights


There are so many reasons why you need to have the best boat lights on your vessel. Following are some of the benefits of having them:

1. Add Aesthetic Value

Lights make everything and every place brighter and better. Similarly, your boat needs to look great as well, which is why you should add lights to your boat to brighten it up.

There are several products available for the decoration of your boat. A popular choice is Seapon Pontoon Boat Light

2. Avoid Nighttime Dangers

Boating at night without any navigation lights increases your risk of getting involved in a serious accident or danger. Turning on your navigation lights before you hit the sea at night will help you sail smoothly and offer lesser chances of deadly encounters with other boats.

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Choose the Right Lights for your Boat

Many boats generally come with some basic lights that include:

1. Interior Lights

The interior of your boat should be as attractive and bright as the exterior because the night can impair your ability to see and work properly. Many companies provide a wide range of excellent products that might be fit for the interior of your boat and make your night at sea better.

Products such as Obcursco Interior LED Lights are waterproof, power-saving, bright enough, and suitable for your boats.

2. Spotlights

Have you ever wondered why boats do not have headlights? If you think about it, it would be helpful to see the boats coming their way. But the reason why boats do not have headlights attached to them is that the lights might block the vision of boat drivers or confuse them, making the situation even more unfavorable.

Instead of inbuilt headlights, you can use spotlights or searchlights to warn the other boat drivers to avoid any dangerous situation.

Spotlights are available in two forms, one that can be attached to the boat and the other that is portable and needs to be held in your hands. Fixed spotlights such as EXZEIT Waterproof Spotlights are more suitable for larger boats, whereas rechargeable, portable spotlights Brinkmann Portable Spotlight are more appropriate for smaller ones.

3. Overhead Lights

Imagine having no lights on your boat in the middle of the ocean on a dark night. How will you operate the boat, read the charts, or even see each other? Therefore, you will need lights in your boat to assist you in your tasks. However, remember to keep them a little faint to intensify your night vision. A dimmer switch is usually installed for that purpose.

4. Running Lights

When you own a boat, you need to follow certain standard rules and regulations to stay safe and out of trouble.

The main navigation lights comprise of three lights:

  1. Red lights (Starboard Sidelights)
  2. Green lights (Port Sidelights)
  3. White lights (Masthead lights and Stern lights)

If you are a boater, the following are some guidelines that you should definitely know:

  • It is always important to remember that the green light should be located on the right side while the red light should be on the left.These green and red lights help convey information about your route to other boaters.
  • At nighttime, your running lights should be functioning properly throughout.
  • Green and white navigation lights indicate that you are the stand-on boat and have the right way.
  • Red and white navigation lights indicate that you have the left way.
  • If there are both red and green navigation lights, it means the other boat is approaching you front-to-front.
  • If there are either green or red navigation lights alone, you should make way for the boat. In the case of red navigation lights, you let them take the right way, and if the navigation lights are green, you let them take the left way.
  • The white navigation light alone indicates that the other boat is either standing in front of you or is moving back. In this case, slow down your speed and approach the boat from either side.
  • If you see three assembled white lights coming near to your boat, they specify that a comparatively larger vessel is approaching you.In this case,you should give the other vessel enough space so that it passes by without colliding with your boat.
  • Always make sure that while you are showing red, green, or white navigation lights to other boaters for any purpose, you are keeping the rest of the deck lights off to avoid confusion in the interpretation of your signal.
  • You can get red and green navigation lights for your boats to keep them safe at night.

Stay Safe Out There

Whether your boat is anchored at a silent bay or in the middle of the ocean at night, it can offer you the most amazing treats. But the only problem that can occur is the lack of lighting, so make sure that your boat is properly lit. If you are hitting the sea or coming back to the land after sunset, always keep yourself prepared.

Even though driving the boat at night can be a pleasant and fun experience, it can also be highly dangerous for you and the people on your boat if you are not taking all the safety measures. Therefore, ensure to gear up before you go out there because one irresponsible action can lead to a bad night at sea.