What are Wakeboard Tower Speakers?

One of the best parts about going on a boat is the wide variety of activities. There is a boating activity for everyone, may it be an adventure or to unwind and chill on the water. One is wakeboarding which is a fantastic way to spend a day on the boat. Wakeboarding and other activities can be more fun and lively if you have music around.

You probably already have marine speakers attached to your boat. But can you hear your music clearly when doing your water activities? Probably not! With a set of the best wakeboard tower speakers, you can bring your favorite music to your water activities. Music is something that can brighten up your day. It is a part of most people’s lives and a way of life for some. 

Wakeboard tower speakers, in this case, can give you quality music even in a long range with clarity and volume. It projects audio over a long distance, regardless of background noises. To know more about wakeboard tower speakers, here are some of their features.

High-Quality Sound Projection

Wakeboard tower speaker projects high-quality sound even at a long distance. It provides an excellent listening experience for you and the people towed by your boat. If you need louder output with no distortion to blast your playlist all over the lake, a high-watt speaker can cover the task.

Try to check the following components if you are looking for impressive audio and high-quality output projection in a wakeboard tower speaker.


The tower speaker woofer or bass speaker is the one that produces low-frequency sound. The materials used to design the woofer have an impact on the quality of the tower speakers. So, it is better if your materials are lightweight and durable to get the responsiveness you need. 

Woofer Surround 

Woofer surrounding also plays a role in audio performance. However, it can wear and tear if it is not from a durable material. It can crack and break eventually. One of the best options is a rubber surround. It can give you the performance you need for a very long time.

Sound distortion and crossover

Distortions are signals crossing through coated wiring and can create an audio disturbance. It can affect the sound quality of your speaker. So, speakers with external crossovers to lessen audio distortion by breaking up frequency inputs are a good choice. 

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Moreover, after knowing the components and features, consider still much more than features that contribute to having a high-quality sound projection.

Speaker Size

In general, a larger speaker offers better when it comes to audio quality and loudness. Most wakeboard tower speakers are 6.5-inch ones. You can also find 4-inch and 8-inch options.

Power Rating

250 to 500 watts of output capacity for your speaker can already perform better in terms of their power and loudness output.

Number of Speakers

Single and double-barrel speakers have the same quality components and adonized cans, but there are a few differences. The double barrel speakers come with a swivel mount and have two speakers instead of one. The swivel mount feature allows the speakers to face two different directions, which can create a more surround sound experience. There are wakeboard tower speakers that offer both single- and double-barrel speakers, so you can create your dream sound experience on your boat.


Most wakeboard tower speakers are made from heavy-duty components that can withstand harsh water conditions. They are commonly sealed in a weather-resistant enclosure to protect them from all kinds of water situations.

Also, they can withstand the damage caused by exposure to moisture and water and still can produce high-quality sound. Being waterproof, they can last for a long time. The speakers are rubber surround to protect their internal parts. Sealants are placed in the circuitry board to make it waterproof and enhance its protection from marine environmental elements. 


Luxury speed boat moored on a sunny day with wakeboard mount

Wakeboard audio systems are better if equipped with resilience and resistance to any weather conditions. Wakeboard tower speakers that are pure aluminum are resilient by nature and can easily withstand the worst weather conditions.

It is also one of the best features if the speakers are anodized or have a powder coating to prevent corrosion since aluminum is prone to oxidation. Speaker covers made from outdoor polyester fabric can add more protection. With this kind of protection, your wakeboard tower speakers are rust-resistance which boosts durability.

Moreover, each manufacturer tests their marine speaker designs through rigorous testing before putting them on the market. Those marine speakers are tested into conditions far worse than the situations you see on your boat. If they can survive during the testing, you have the best performance of a speaker you want for seasons to come.

Extra Features

Some wakeboard tower speakers have built-in LED lights, remote control, adjustable mountain brackets, and a dome tweeter to produce high frequencies. 


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If the speakers are marine-rated, it clearly means that you can use them in the marine environment and get the best audio performance. Marine-rated speakers can take a lot of abuse from UV rays and salt and still work well. For example, if you will submerge them in water, they’d take the hit and work just fine. 


Wakeboard tower speakers have different types, ranging from subtle to flashy, depending on your preference. You can match the interior of the boat to your speaker. Wakeboard tower speakers are usually either black or white. You can customize color options for these speakers that complement your taste.

In addition, with all these features in a wakeboard tower speaker, you can enjoy a high-quality sound projection even when you constantly move side to side without control. The separately mounted speakers on the topmost tower can disperse the sound in a much wider area behind the speeding boat.

Finally, having quality speakers in your boat can improve your mood and enjoyment. It can make a difference in your day on the waterBecause any activity with added music makes fun grow and can make your boat boarders and skiers bounce to the rhythm on your playlist.