Top Hobbies for Homeschooled Kids

In times of COVID-19, the world underwent so many major changes and one of the most impacted elements of daily life was education. With mass scale lockdowns and closure of educational institutions, many youngsters were not able to go out and roam freely. Online classes left a lot of free time for the kids to indulge in other useful activities. There are plenty of hobbies for the homeschooled kids so that they aren’t left behind, institutionally-schooled kids. And terrarium designing is one of the best hobbies to make sure kids continue their learning.

Top Hobbies for Homeschooled Kids

Physical Exercise and Sports Activities

The main purpose of these hobbies is to eliminate the differences between a home-schooled and an institutionally-schooled kid. Therefore, physical exercise and sports activities come on top of the list. When kids are at school, they engage in routine exercises, especially in the sports period. You can either arrange for exercises at the home or you can send your child to a nearby sports community center.

Those who plan at doing it at home should ask their kids to play outside. Simple games like tag, hide and seek, and others will improve the overall metabolism when the children will run from one place to another as well as they will have an improved level of adrenaline in their body. In case your kid does not have any friends of his age in the nearby areas, you can play with your kids yourself. You can play something as convenient as “Catch” with a ball. Try to jog around with your child so that he stays fit and active. Kids who tend to stay at home and don’t perform physical exercises will develop a lazy personality.

Cycling is a fun physical activity


Perhaps an interesting hobby to do is to teach your child the concept of collectible items and let him deeply discover them in a particular niche. In earlier times, there was a trend of having postage stamps collection, and many people including elders used to have it. For kids, we say that they should begin with a coin collection. Help your child in finding the right people over the internet that can exchange some collectible coins with him.

Some kids are often interested in collecting different types of cards. It is still a better hobby than sitting around all day and watch cartoons on the television. From Pokemon to Football, there are many types of card collections that your child can indulge in. Help your child in finding friends of his age who might be having similar cards so that they can trade and engage in the interesting activity of collectible items.

A butterfly collection. You can start a similar one

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You might think that being a child, isn’t the right age for photography but kids are definitely fast learners. If they get their hands-on grip and practice on a camera from a very young age, they can become very good photographers in the future with expertise in the field. This could assist them in finding the ideal career they are looking for. In case the parents are worried about giving a professional DSLR Camera to their children, you can start with the camera on your phone.

Photography could be a great way to explore the interests of your child in a much detailed way. Children tend to take photographs of things that appeal to them. Show some Youtube videos to your child on becoming a beginner photographer. Let him learn the basics and see how well he would do in only a couple of weeks. After that, pursue him and get a professional camera. Let your child stand different than others as he would have developed a creative skill from a simple hobby.

Let the youngster begin his career

Diary Writing

What parents don’t understand is often thoroughly explained by a child in his diary. Teach your young one to start writing an account of the different events of the day. Spend some time with him every few days and read the diary if the child is comfortable with it. Parents and children can have so much fun while discussing some of the amazing memories that they have been into.

Diary Writing will let your child feel more confident and help him open up about his feelings. It can be a great hobby which the child will find amusing when he grows up. Homeschooled kids can share their experiences of daily lives including how it is like to be homeschooled, the goods and bad of this life, possible things they would want to do, and how each day passed.

Writing a diary every day might release some tension

Family Board Games

A great way to polish the skills of decision-making and strategic planning in your child is to play board games with them. Initially, let the child play in your team and make him learn the basics as well as the tactics to skillfully play a game to win. When the young learner is ready, play in separate teams and see how well your child plays.

Arguably one of the best family board games of all time is Monopoly. However, there are many others as well which include UNO, Hasbro, Candy Land, Scrabble, and Carrom as well. Family board games are a great way to let your child spend some free time exercising his mental ability as well as enhancing the bond with the family. It is important to know that there shouldn’t be too much time spent on board games, else the kid might not pay attention to other things.

Board games allow you to play strategically

Park Visits

When COVID-19 was at its peak, many parks were closed but they have been opened now. Visit the park every day in the evening or once every 2 or 3 days with your kid. Let him play around in nature which will also contribute towards his essentially needed physical activity as well as it will aid to a healthy life as well. Park visits with the young one could allow him to play freely in an open space.

There is a big possibility that the kid is able to find some age fellows which will help him make friends and enhance his social connections. Daily park visits are ideal for those parents who live closer to one. Those that have a park someplace distant should still adopt this as a hobby to visit at least once a week. You will see the glowing face of your child when he finds himself in a playful environment.

Roam around in the park and enjoy

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Bring a Pet

The best way to teach responsibility from a very young age is to bring a pet for your kid. Children get very excited when they see a pet most likely a cat or a dog. They proactively participate in taking care of the pets and ensuring that all of their needs are fulfilled in the most suitable manner.  The kids would also find it a great hobby to play with their pets. Seeing a growing pet will be motivating for the child who has spent a considerable time taking care of it.

Moreover, pets provide love and companionship to children as well as adults. They would be most useful when your child does not have any close friends or siblings to play with. Instead of playing with toys, having a pet will fulfill the need of a partner to some extent. Pets also increase the opportunity of exercises outside when they have to be taken for a walk which means your child will not just sit around all day rather he would have to physically work for the betterment of the pet.

A cute dog pet

Trivia and Fun Exercises

Some kids are especially attracted to books even if it is for fun. Therefore, for such children, trivia and books with all sorts of quizzes and fun exercises are the ones you need. Not only is it a great way to spend some time but it will also challenge the mental abilities of your child and push them to limits. These exercises stimulate brain function and help in improving the overall memory of the kids too.

See how your kid figures out the solution to different problems. These books are available on any nearby bookshop or you can get them from as well. Make sure you consider the difficulty level before buying one. Trivia books should be bought in accordance with the interest of your child. For example, if the kid is very excited about geography, a trivia book about countries is what you should consider.


Homeschooled kids are not much different than those that get their education from schools. However, one must make sure that the homeschooled kids are performing extra-curricular activities as well in the form of physical exercise, mental exercise, pets, collectibles, photography, diary writing, and other hobbies that we mentioned above. We think you should try out all of them with your kid and see which one does he like the most. Pursue this one and leave the rest. Develop your child’s mind by encouraging him to try out new things always.