A Guide to Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo

The Airbus A321neo has a narrow body and features several in-flight entertainment facilities that ensure a peaceful journey. It is also very eco-friendly and developed under the green aviation agreement to ensure that it’s good for the environment. It is also fuel-saving and low in carbon emissions, combining safety and technology with an improved state-of-the-art avionic system.

If you travel on Airbus A321neo, your trip will be comfortable, enjoyable, and worthwhile. The Airline offers 13-inch high-resolution screens in Business Class and 12-inch touch screens in Economy class, Wi-Fi service during the flight, and a customizable lighting system.

Airbus wanted to give luxurious and the finest of experiences for the customers. Hence they’ve made sure to design everything for an enjoyable first-class experience for its passengers.

History of Airbus A321neo

The first A321neo flew on February 9th, 2016, and the first customer to buy the aircraft was ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporation). The A321neo received its certification with Pratt & Whitney engines on December 15th, 2016, and received EASA and FAA certification for the CFM Leap powered variant on March 1st, 2017. Hawaiian airlines currently have 13 planes of A321neo in its fleet.

Sales of Airbus A321neo

Ever since Airbus introduced the concept of A321neo, its orders skyrocketed in no time, with its first most significant order of 119 in 2011 when it was still in development. The plane’s total number of orders until Jan of 2021 is around 3,466.


Since its successful debut, there haven’t been any significant issues or accidents reported with handling any A321neo airplane craft. This is a huge improvement from the previous crashes and incidents of the last A321 models from which it was improved and developed further.

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  • Cost

The average cost of the Airbus A321neo is estimated at around 101.5 million dollars (as of 2018).

  • Passenger Seats

The Airbus A321neo has a maximum of 244 seats for passengers with two seating classes (source).

  • Range Nautical Miles

It can travel to about a range of 4,000 nautical miles, which is about 7,400 km per trip.

  • Length

The length of this model is 44.51 meters.

  • Wingspan

The length of its wings is 35.80 meters from one wingtip to another.

  • Height

Its height is 11.76 meters.

  • Engine

The A321neo uses two engines; CFM56 (made by CFM International) and IAE V2500 (made by International Aero Engines).

  • Maximum Weight Capacity

Its maximum take-off weight is 97 tons.

  • Fuel Capacity

Its maximum fuel capacity is 32,940 liters or 8,702 gallons.

Major News

1. Lufthansa named its first Airbus A321neo “Aachen.”

The minister of the federal state signed the naming certificate of the Airbus A321neo at Dusseldorf’s airport with CarstenSpohr, the CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. By 2025, the airline company will deliver forty A321neo models to the Lufthansa group.

2. Airbus launched the Xtra long-range version of the A321neo

On June 17th, 2019, Airbus launched an extended version of the A321neo at the Paris Air Show. It quickly got 31 orders from Air Lease Corporation and Middle East Airlines on its first launch. The Air Lease Corporation’s purchase of 27 A321XLRS was detailed at a press during the world’s largest aviation industry’s opening day.

Things to Know Before Traveling with Hawaiian Airlines


  • Booking of Flights

There are several ways to book your flight with the airlines. You can choose different classes. If you like to go for the redemption route, you can transfer the Amex membership’s reward points to the Hawaiian Miles program.

The one-way, first-class award flight from North America to Hawaii can cost you about 40,000 miles at the saver level, so you can use the welcome bonus that you get from the American Express’s Platinum card to book this flight.

  • Check-in

The check-in process is pretty tedious as you have to wait in line for 5 minutes for the pre-checking process and then make your way to the crowded departure gate. When you fly out, the luggage will be checked thoroughly as standard procedure.

  • Cabin and Seat

The Hawaiian Airlines A321neo has 129 seats in its main cabin and 44 extra comforting seats, and 16-first class recliner seats onboard. The economy cabin of this plane has a 3-3 configuration like the A320 family.

The plane seats are 17.3 inches wide and have 30 inches of pitch, usual for economy class. You’ll have plenty of legroom with the kind of seats that are available on this plane.

  • Services

The flight doesn’t offer seatback entertainment services, but the passengers can access the different options through the Hawaiian Airlines’ app. In the first-class, you get tablets for watching TV and movies, and there are various packages that you have to pay for, including a $7.99 per film you watch, $7.99 for an “Unlimited TV & More” pack, and $5.99 for a “Keiki Pack” for kids.

  • Food &Drinks

Hawaiian Airlines offer complimentary meals throughout the flight. Usually, for lunch, they will serve you a barbecue chicken sandwich in the economy class. The flight attendants can also give you the Maui onion potato chips. In comparison, the first-class passengers have various options to choose from a selected menu.

The flight attendants are very friendly, professional and work hard to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Before an hour from landing, the flight attendants come to the main cabin and offer beverages and snacks.

Where to Buy
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Some Products Related to Airbus A321neo

It is an airplane model for Hawaiian A321neo that you can collect and keep as a home decoration model. It is made from high-quality and durable material with details that resemble real-life aircraft.

Moreover, it has a snap-fit design that allows for easy assembling, and it doesn’t require any glue or adhesives. Since this model from Skymarks is officially licensed, it can use the Airline’s logos and designs on the model without any issues.

It is another excellent replica of the Hawaiian Airlines A321neo airplane that comes with authentic markings and is easy to assemble. The kit also contains a wooden stand and is an original Skymarks product.

Hawaiian Airbus A321neo – Great Airlines with the Best Airplanes

Hawaiian Airlines is an excellent airline that offers its customers a luxurious flight experience. Hawaiian Airlines have modified the Airbus A321neo and its seats to provide utmost comfort and the best facilities on board with various entertainment options. Overall, flying on this airplane with Hawaiian Airlines guarantees you a great and smooth experience with no complaints.