Review of the Interactive Aircraft UFO Drone

The RC or remote-controlled aircraft is arguably one of the most popular toys today, as it allows kids and hobbyists to be able to experience flying their favorite planes or helicopters in a much smaller size, which is perfect for rooms or backyards. However, these RC planes would often have limited movement since there are only a few maneuvers that can be performed using their controller.

Fortunately, remote-controlled toys have slowly evolved to have better controls, and some of them don’t even need to have a controller for you to fly them. One of those controller-free toys is the Interactive Aircraft UFO Drone, a fun UFO-shaped toy that can be controlled using only your hands.



The contents for the Interactive Aircraft UFO Drone are fairly simple, as you only have one piece of the hand drone itself, a user manual that you can read to know how to control the drone, and a USB charging cable that you can connect to a computer or a power supply to charge the drone.

Since there are only a few items included in each package, you wouldn’t need to assemble anything, and you can enjoy using the drone right out of the box. However, some units may not have enough battery life for you to fly them, so it is recommended to charge the drones first.


  • A fun tool for kids to learn how to fly a hand-controlled drone
  • No separate batteries needed
  • Crash-resistant exterior
  • Leaves no marks on walls when the drone bumps into them
  • Easy hovering mechanics
  • Rechargeable batteries included in the drone

The Interactive Aircraft UFO is a fun toy that kids can play with to learn how to fly a hand-controlled drone. Because the hands serve as the most important part of controlling the drone, kids will also be able to enhance their eye-hand coordination, a skill needed for a variety of real-life applications like writing, drawing, or playing different kinds of sports.

The drone also features easy hovering mechanics that allow kids and hobbyists to control the toy with little to no effort, and they only have to perform hand movements to make the drone fly higher or fly to the left and the right. The infrared sensors that are found in different corners of the drone are what makes the toy’s hovering mechanics intuitive, as the sensors will know where the user’s hands are placed and what the hand movements mean.


Since the toy already comes with an integrated battery, there is no need for you to buy separate batteries. In addition, the integrated battery that is built-in with the UFO drone is rechargeable, so it can easily be plugged into a power supply or computer to get more power. A full charge of the battery can last for two to three hours, which is good for shorter play indoors or outdoors.

Moreover, the soft exterior of the drone enables it to be shock resistant, so if it crashes down on the floor, it will resist the shock and protect the inner parts of the drone. The soft cage-like exterior of the UFO drone also leaves no marks on the wall if it bumps into them, so it is safe for indoor use. The toy also becomes safe to use for children thanks to the soft exterior, as they won’t be scratched or hurt by the drone if ever it falls on them.


  • Short battery life

Because the UFO drone only has a small integrated battery inside it, the toy suffers from short battery life. However, if you are only going to play with the drone for one to three hours, you will be able to get the most out of the toy before it runs out of batteries.

For most people, the short battery life isn’t really an issue since the batteries can easily be recharged at home, and they don’t need to buy separate batteries from the store. On the other hand, those that want to use the drone outdoors in camping trips or places without any source of power to recharge batteries may find the toy’s short battery life to be cumbersome. A remedy that you can do during outdoor trips is to bring a portable power bank that can give extra power not only to your phone but also to the drone. But keep in mind that a power bank may add extra weight to your bag.

The Interactive Aircraft UFO drone is truly an entertaining toy that will satisfy kids and hobbyists for hours of non-stop play. It is also a simple toy with easy controls that kids can learn in just a few minutes. The pros of the drone far outweigh its cons, and it is worthy of being called one of the best toys that you can buy for just under $30.