Be Creative and think freely- try journaling as a hobby

Writing, doodling, and drawing all have several advantages and maybe both be pleasant and soothing. Even if you’ve never kept a notebook before, you may start journaling as a pastime right now and get the advantages. Are you still not persuaded that journaling is proper for you?

In this article, know the advantages of journaling as a hobby. Get started experiencing the benefits of journaling right away.

As previously said, writing can benefit your mental health, particularly during the colder, darker months. It allows you to relieve the stress of everyday life by transporting you to your fondest memories and empowering you to look back on your past with affection and delight.

There is no one-size-fits-all rule to journaling. Remember, there is no right or incorrect method to begin started. The goal is to stimulate creativity, improve energy, and, most importantly, to have fun!

Play to your strengths: if you find solace in writing, begin by penning your narrative longhand on a piece of paper. You might find it difficult to stop once you get into a groove! You may also try typing if you find writing for lengthy amounts of time exhausting.

Journaling Details

Category: Mental Time: <= 30 min Skill: Little
Initial Cost: $ (0-50) Space: little People: alone
Long-Term Cost: Low Makes Money: No Location: indoor

Who can do journaling?


Journaling is one of the most basic yet powerful techniques for improving your well-being on all levels, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Journaling is one of the top five habits for everyone for self-growth and spiritual maturation, regardless of how excellent a writer is.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a natural writer to benefit from journaling.

It is an excellent way to bring your family together and collaborate on a project that you can all be proud of, a book of memories that your family will treasure for years. It’s critical to include items you want people to remember, such as favorite recipes you can make or a song that will always remind them.

Revisit significant moments in your life with your family; even the slightest detail that may seem insignificant to you may fascinate your loved ones. When were you in school, who was your best friend? Where did you go on your finest vacations? What was the name of your first animal companion? Sharing the experiences that have formed your life can bring you closer together, help your family better understand you, or even help you reconnect with the person you once were.

Enlist the aid of your children and grandchildren: a techie could be able to assist you with an audio recording, while an artist might be able to assist you in creating beautiful, colorful scrapbook collages.

Key benefits of journaling

Journaling has therapeutic advantages that go beyond a pastime. Journaling, according to Psychologist Kelly McGonigal, has a good influence on your mental and physical health. Spending time engaged in happy memories may boost happiness, keep the mind active, and foster a sense of gratitude for life.

Writing is an effective stress reliever. Jotting your thoughts on paper might help you organize them and see things more clearly. Writing can help you relax and strengthen your immune system, allowing your body to deal with more stress. Keeping a journal of your favorite memories helps to preserve them and ensures that they remain fresh in your memory.

How to get started

There’s a reason the words “journey” and “journal” come from the same root. There’s no need to rush when it comes to keeping a record of all your recollections. When you read it back to your friends and family, the more detail you put down, the more vivid the picture will be.

Concentrate on putting the tales onto the page; you can always add, remove, edit, or modify your journal afterward. Organize your diary in any way you choose: chronologically, by topic, by person, or any other way you want.

Journaling is like putting together a puzzle. Don’t worry about ordering the parts right away; they’ll all come together later to complete the image.

Will I earn from journaling?

you will earn in writing-jpeg

The truth is, anyone can make their journal notebooks and calendars.

You don’t need any fancy graphics software or a lot of marketing expertise to get started. Everything can be done in Word, Google Sheets, Powerpoint, and Canva!

The following are some of the advantages of selling journals:

  • Starting an internet company is simple and requires no prior experience.
  • Low (or no) initial investment
  • You may start with $0 if you make your cover and interior pages.
  • It’s Simple to Sell
  • Your notebooks will be sold on the world’s largest shopping channel!
  • a source of passive income
  • Make it once and sell it for the rest of your life!
  • There is no inventory!


Journaling encourages a person to take a step back and contemplate the broader picture, which helps us overcome short-sightedness.

Consider it as a research project: you’re observing your actions and feelings to understand yourself better. Finally, self-awareness is the key to stepping off the treadmill and living a purposeful and meaningful life.