Guide to the Best Rechargeable Batteries


There are two primary types of batteries – primary and secondary. Primary batteries are also known as the non-rechargeable batteries and are the typical battery you buy in the local store. Primary batteries are typically made up of Alkaline, Lithium Cells, Silver Oxide Cells, Zinc Air Cells among other components. Secondary batteries … Read more

Guide to the Best Power Banks


We all love (ok some of us probably hate) our mobile phones and rely on them more and more each day. From text messaging, receiving and doing calls, video chats, playing games to using various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. These have become the platform for communication … Read more

Marine Battery Chargers: Buying Guide


If you’re keen on not letting your boat batteries die quickly, just buy any battery charger from a marine shop and hook them up with it. Chargers and batteries, like bread and butter, go hand in hand. The performance of a marine battery not only depends on the battery brand but also … Read more

Top 10 Best Portable Power Generators


Anyone who has experienced a power shortage at a most inconvenient time would certainly appreciate the value of having a portable generator. From houses to workspaces to campsites, the constant flow of electricity is needed to ensure efficiency and productivity. A portable generator can come in handy to provide extra electricity in … Read more

Guide to Solar Power Backpacks


Being always on the move while needing to keep your electronics charged can pose a dilemma. For example, a photographer who’s on a day-long shoot, traveling to and fro, needs battery backup. A business person who travels every day to meet clients and business partners needs to keep his laptop and smartphone … Read more

Top 10 Quiet Portable Power Generators


Most people who feel stuck and bored when they are unable to use electricity during a power outage might have said, “I wish we have a generator.” But there’s just one big problem with them: they’re noisy! A lot of generators can produce annoying sounds that can upset your neighbors and ruin … Read more

Top 12 Solar Power Chargers for Smartphones


When there’s so much to do and there’s so little time – and with smartphones becoming a personal assistant for every task – a lot of people find themselves lacking the opportunity to charge up their devices, especially for people who are always on the go. Rechargeable power banks can help a … Read more

Top 8 Solar Power Chargers for Camping


It’s too bad that tents and canoes don’t come with power outlets. Since most people today can’t live without using phones or cameras – especially while in an adventure – keeping our devices charged up is important. However, in a place with no power outlets, this can be challenging. When camping or … Read more

Pedal Power Generators Review


Power banks are the common go-to power source when traveling with a smartphone or any gadget. But when it runs out and you’re staying for days or weeks on a place past the edge of civilization, a power bank may not be enough. Lower tech power solutions like a hand crank chargers … Read more

Best Portable Solar Power Generators


Every one of us may have found ourselves in a situation in which a power generator would be very helpful. However, the problem with most generators is they need a form of energy input to burn to convert to electricity, like gasoline, kerosene or firewood. Even if you pick the most portable … Read more