Finding Unusual Sized Batteries

Almost all of us are familiar with popular cylindrical batteries like the “AA,” “AAA,” “C,” and “D,” to name a few. But other electronic products have different power capacity requirements; thus, their batteries may be more different or unusual than the ones we commonly use.

But no matter the size, shape, and power capacities they provide, batteries play a significant role in our everyday life because we use them to power different electronic devices. But, then again, other devices do not take regular batteries or batteries available for ready purchase anywhere.

Some of the things that require specialty batteries include professional cameras, toys, medical devices, garage door openers, landers, dog collars, wristwatches, security alarms, etc. Most hard-to-find batteries are of varying shapes and sizes other than the familiar cylindrical ones. These batteries range from the bigger ones to others as tiny as a button.

9V batteries on the wooden background, 3D rendering

9V battery

Rectangular batteries may be the most familiar of all the unusually sized batteries on the list. You may have seen or even used 9V (9-volt) batteries, which are available in hardware stores, some groceries and supermarkets, and even convenience stores.  

9V batteries are used in devices that require lots of power and high voltage. These rectangular batteries are excellent for battery-powered temperature alarms, infrared thermometers, and electronic portion scales. 

These devices may experience extreme temperatures from food, walk-in coolers, freezers, or other kitchen equipment. Thus, these devices require batteries that provide the power they need and are durable under varying conditions. 9V batteries can work well in environments from 0 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 54 degrees Celsius).

Among the most popular 9V batteries is the Energizer E522 Max 9V battery, which is used to power alarm clocks and smoke detectors. It features a Power Seal technology and guarantees to hold its power for up to five years. Even though this 9V from Energizer is pretty hard to find, you will only be searching a little for it as it will last for a while.

A23 battery

A23 12V alkaline battery

The A23 12V alkaline battery is pretty similar to the standard AA battery, only slightly smaller. This type of battery is commonly used to power garage door openers. In addition, it can power other devices like cameras, car security alarms, wireless doorbells, fireplace remote controls, and window security sensors. It measures 3 x 10 x 0.5 inches and weighs 0.32 ounces.

Lithium batteries

CR (coin-type lithium manganese dioxide) batteries

Coin or button type batteries are small round batteries, thus the size and shape of a coin or button. But despite their size, they offer a lot of power to the devices they serve, mostly wristwatches, calculators, toys, and various medical devices. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) prefix “CR” denotes lithium manganese dioxide chemistry. 

Probably the most common lithium cell is the CR2032 which can be available at hardware stores, watches and watch repair shops, or near the checkout counters inside groceries, supermarkets, and convenience stores. At three volts, the CR2032 battery provides reliable and long-lasting power and has a pretty high weight-to-power ratio.

Another type of CR2032 button cell is the CR2032-FT lithium battery with three pins. This unusually sized battery replaces the COMP-32-3SPC. It can provide the power you need when you need it. This battery is commonly used to power small electronic devices like wristwatches, calculators, fitness equipment, and various medical devices.

Another battery in this category is the CR1/3N 3V lithium battery. It is a small battery with three volts and 170 mAh high quality. It can be used to power laser light, cameras, invisible fences, calculators, dog collars, glucose monitors, etc. It can last up to three years after it is left in a device.

A14PX 3V alkaline battery

The A14PX 3V alkaline battery is a small, unusually sized battery, replacing the V14PXA battery. It is a mercury-free replacement for the mercuric oxide PX14, a once-popular battery commonly used in cameras. 

Today, mercury cells are banned due to toxicity and adverse environmental effects. The A14PX 3V alkaline battery produces three volts, higher than the 2.7 volts of the original mercury cell. However, most devices can accommodate the small increase in voltage, and they can still function perfectly with it. This unusual battery can be used in standard and unique devices like vintage camera equipment and sophisticated medical testing devices.

list of batteries

Exell 276 alkaline battery

This rectangular-shaped battery is a replacement for the original Eveready 276. Compared to the popular PP3 9V battery, it can be used for different kinds of meters, vintage radios, transistor radios, broadcast receivers, medical equipment, fire alarms, and a lot more. This type of battery is commonly found in devices manufactured by Roberts Radio Co. Brand.

457/467 67.5V alkaline battery

This square-shaped alkaline battery has 67.5V and replaces obsolete batteries, such as carbon-zinc batteries. If you’re looking for a battery that can power your old radios, this battery might be the one you need. It measures 2.800 inches long, 1.390 inches wide, and 2.500 inches high.

Xeno Energy XL-050F/AX ½ AA 3.6V lithium battery with axial leads

This unusually sized battery from Xeno is specifically designed for long-term applications at a high performance. Xeno Energy is a company that develops and manufactures 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries, an important industrial and non-rechargeable power source for primary and secondary power.


These are some of the unusually sized batteries that you might be looking for. In addition, these batteries are used to power more complicated devices and older electronics. They are not like the standard AA and AAA batteries that we usually use for remote controls, toys, radios, etc. Without these unusually sized batteries, we cannot use some of the aforementioned devices that require them.